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nbc has just announced that jimmy fallon will replace jay leno in 2014 .. eeeeeeeeeeee.. why do they keep doin this shit ?? the first time it happened was when they hired jay instead of david letterman .. and that started a shitstorm that in the end had letterman leavin and goin to cbs .. where after jay got his feet wet he passed dave in the ratings and never looked back for close to 20 years .. and then they had the genius idea of puttin conan in as the host .. and jay said are you sure you wanna do this ?? i'm leadin in the ratins every week for 15 years ?? but they didn't care and in came conan.. who proceded to get thoroughly trounced in the ratins by letterman  for the whole 6 months or so he was at the helm .. when they said gee lets bring jay back for just a halfhour as the leadin and maybe that will help things conan had a fit and said i don't want to destroy the integrity of the tonite show .. at first i thought it was a joke seein as how the tonite show went from first to last in the ratins but he was deadly serious .. and then came all the mud slingin.. and you were either on team leno or team coco .. and coco was a good name for him .. but coco like a fox maybe cause it only cost em like 38 million to make him go away .. and back came jay .. which of course didn't make letterman or kimmel happy cause he procedded to trounce them both in the ratins once again .. which would explain why they wanted conan there so bad .. so now these brain dead execs at nbc came up with another major brain fart and want to replace leno again but this time with jimmy fallon .not that i dislike jimmy fallon .. cause i do like him .. more than conan .. but fallon ain't quite 40 yet .. conan is probably right around 50.. and jay is just over 60.. there are a lot of people who might stayup and watch leno who are 50, 60, 70, .. why not let the 40 and unders stayup a little later to watch fallon ?? its a formula thats been workin so far ?? and then to move the show back to new york ??  its like nbc is tryin to write off the whole 50 to 70 demographic and give it to letterman all wrapped up in a nice neat bow .. because they want to go younger .. like we as a demographic don't really count to them ..is it any wonder nbc is last in the ratings as a whole ?? with thinkin like this ?? the only show that actually is ahead they want to dismantle it ?? stooopid stooopid stooopid .. so now i'm wonderin , how long will it take before they try and get jay back again ?? or will jay just say fuckit and go to fox and proceed to trounce all of em in that time slot .. letterman, kimmel , conan , and fallon .. let the games begin .. 

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I haven't watched any of that since Carson retired.

i'm not worried about it .. i just think its dumb thats all.. 

bout the same here...carson seemed to poke gentle fun and laugh along with his guests as well as laugh at himself. and he had interesting people on..not just hollywood  hawking its latest wares...the replacements all seem to have a touch of mean to them. i get a laugh out of craig ferguson cause he makes fun of himself but i don't watch anyone regularly...

well i don't see much difference between what carson did and all the others .. the show is pretty much a format thats been setup like it is back to steve allen .. its a lot slicker now and they've honed it to a much finer point but they all do pretty much the same thing .. give an opening monologue , and then they all have their own favorite little shticks .. letterman has his top ten list and stupid pet tricks .. jay does his jay walkin and headlines .. jimmy fallon does his thank you notes and beer pong .. and so on . then they have a couple of guests on who are hawkin somethin .. a new movie , a tv show , a new book , pretty much a press junket because none of the guests get more than scale to appear which is about 550 bucks .. when you get 10 million to make a movie you don't really wanna do the tonite show for 550 bucks .. but its usually in their contract when they sign on for the movie or the tv show or they wrote the book .. .. and then at the end  they have a musical act to close the show .. but not much to seperate them other than their own wit and personality ..i'll admit that carson may have seemed a bit kinder but you have to remember that times change and if he was still doin it today he'd have to keep up with everyone else as far as the political and social comments go ..time marches on .. you either march along with it or get trampled under foot .. 

They're all past my bedtime, lol!  But, you're right, Frenchy - they don't care about the 50-70 year old demographics, it's all about the younger people, and that's who they want to bring to the show.  Guess they don't care if they don't bring as many people as they did as long as it's the "right" age group!  They ignore me, I ignore them, and we're both happy as far as I'm concerned!

I rarely watch Leno , Letterman some . The one i like and watch a lot is "Crag Ferguson" He makes me laugh where the others make me cringe . Ferguson is going to Letterman's time slot when he finally retires . I really have the most fun watching "The Five on Fox" cutting up ....Yes i watch Fox News .....

Steve Allen was great and Carson, I stopped watching all those late nite shows way back in 1990 or before. Perhaps the networks know what they're doing, us geezers drop out and play on the internet instead late at night. It's 12:43 am here now.

I guess these younger guys need a career path if they are going to stay? I dunno...with commercial TV it's about the ratings right? Is there some other kind of permutation that the public isn't aware of.

I don't watch too much of any the late night stuff...I go to bed and read or watch a movie or better yet go to sleep.

I like to see the top 10 list but I can see that on the internet....and clips on Leno where they find the dumbest people in LA and ask em questions..I've seen Fallon do some emceeing...he's done the press asso. dinner with the Presidential roast thingie..he has the commercial with that little kid that doesn't like money. 

I've seen furgeson in concert before...he's a funny guy.

I think maybe these networks don't want to be thought if as the old fart network...maybe?

I watch Letterman most nights until he does the top 10 list and then I go to sleep. When I was younger, like 60, I would watch all of Letterman and then most of Craig Ferguson. I can't stay awake that long anymore .

LOL...maybe that's the problem...our demographic is falling asleep...can't watch them commercials if your eyes are slammed shut...




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