TBD on Ning

According to the front page. 

There are no birthdays today.

Anybody what to share some bithday cake?




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1 female in NY, Cowgirllu!
Why? Pru seems to be a very nice member of the stronger sex (notice I didn't say "the weaker sex; self-preservation strikes again.) :)
Rest assured that someone, somewhere is having a birthday today. Maybe even in the state of Texas. Maybe even female in the state of Texas.
Giving out hints, are we? My radar is broken.
Hi Aggie!! I'll have some of your cake if you have some of my cake... :)

Sure, I also brought some kolaches.
Mmmmmmm...looks tasty... :)
Okay I have to ask....tho I am sure it's been asked before......what in the hay hoot'n'nanny is a kolache????......and no I didn't google it....lol
They are some interesting looking lil thingamabobs alright!
Kind of a Czech version of a donut pastry with fruit in middle like prunes or poppy seed.

Yummy, I have yet to master my great grandmother's recipe. I love cherry, my Czech daughter laughed as my pronunciation, she always end it with an a..... kolacha.
I'm curious also. What are Kolaches? It looks somewhat like a danish pastry?
It's a Czech thing. My grandmother used to make them. Kind of a flaky cookie with filling. Yum.




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