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In my township in the early 90's, Kenneth Biros offered a young lady, age 22 I believe, a ride home from a bar. He raped her, mutilated her while she was still alive, cut up her body and distributed body parts around 3 countys in 2 states. His execution by lethal injection was scheduled for early Dec. 09.
A month ago they tried to execute some fat ass and couldn't find a "suitable" vein. The fat ass raped and murdered a teen in the 80's. The fat ass and Kenneth Biros still live with no death date in sight. What a kind nation we are. I'm going to puke.

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Zero replies on this after 10 hours. My feelings are hurt. No opinions on this?
They're probably pc'd up, put them in general population for a few hours....case closed!
Yeah, I like that Craig.
I used to have a friend that was a death row inmate. (Bear with me.) It was a rainy weekend like this one, and rather than get up, I was surfing the net on my laptop. I came across this convict penpal site and decided to write to some. Hell I never met an actual 'monster' before. In the end, it could prove...enlightening.

I kept in contact with Johnny for about 2 years. He was an army veteran. A poor black man. Our whole family became ' friends' with him. We exchanged gifts at xmas time...

I purposefully never asked him what he did to get in there, my point was rather, what sort of a human being is he. Then one day I finally asked. He had been married, thought his wife was cheating on him, so he beat her to death with a baseball bat and raped and murdered her daughter. He was apprehended just on the verge of suicide. He sent me newspaper clippings to confirm it.

I must admit, I was never able to converse with him again. His wifes family was all for the execution, and as I believe thats the victims perogative, there was little left to say. He did reconcile with his own family. I check once in a while; he is still alive.

When I was a kid there was a priest who ran an overnight camp for poor, homeless, abused etc. children. I dont know where I would have been had not this priest dedicated his life to this. In my eyes, he was always a saint. Then, years later, it was confirmed that he had a 'thing' for molesting young boys....

Do you see how a man can be honorable and evil at the same time? That was quite a revelation to me. Now I'm not a bleeding heart liberal b y any streatch of the imagination, but I do think that sometimes, sometimes there is more to a situation than meets the eye. Perhaps redemption is only possible through life, and who am I, of all people to take that away from anyone?

Ofcourse, I could be wrong. I'm wrong alot.
Food for thought. Thanks, Jackie.
Our justice system is the best ever invented, still, innocents sometimes fall through the cracks. We need to take every precaution to see that this never happens. Legislators have brought back the death penalty, nothing the rest of us can do about it. Because the executioners can't find a suitable vein to administer the drugs, they have to put it on hold for a while. A large caliber bullet to the head works, no pain, and it's cheap, just a little more cleanup afterwards. My country is way too much about image. A bullet to the head is cruel and unusual only because some perceive it to be. Looks nice and peaceful to administer lethal drugs.

I'm tired and cranky, sorry.
Personally--I would say the murderers should die the very same way they killed their victims, since the killers didn't find their method to be cruel and unusual to do! so if a person stabbed a person to death--then they should be stabbed to death as well!! But hey what do I know? I am not allowed to take the law into my own hands!
I beleive in the death penalty. Don't do the crime if you are not willing to pay the price. I agree with Larry 100%. We are too damn easy. When you or someone you know gets killed and dumped in a ditch, tell me what should happen to them. I had a neice that was murdered, and her head cut off--thats right folks.----look it up. She is under the most violent domestic sexual crimes of the century. Her name was Lisa Sandel. 21 years of age. The man that did this sits in a mental hospital. I am too mad to write any more
I am with u blondie--asides from my 3 friends that were killed in WTC--I had a cousin and his girlfriend who were murdered in a most horrific way. The murderer tied them up, and left them in a locked car--so that they couldn't get out--then he set the car on fire with them still in it and still alive! And the reason why he gave that he did it??? Because my cousin's girlfriend--disrespected his girlfriend!
Dyeing "nice and peaceful" is not the way some of their victims died.
Being overweight would make your veins hard to find and he probably knows it.
Put him in "Old Sparky" next try.
Being a heroin addict oes the same trick, since the drug can cause some corrosive damage to the veins.
Now now--that would really create a big mess!




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