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It's almost 2010. I, for one, never imagined seeing it...but here I am! What do you want to do with this beginning? Keep on truckin' or do something altogether new?

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the wind always blows
turning leaves on the high hills
exposing seedlings
new year in week two
holidays behind us now
let's make it good one

before midnight strikes

i say farewell to my heart

remembering you

new year has arrived

we'll each have our challenges

strong hearts will prevail

clink of raised glasses
i stand heart-to-heart with you
my eternity

cherish those friends near

also those not with us now

spirits carry on

hope for the future...
life's trials cannot diminish
what your love ensures

Always remember

Tomorrow may never come

Cherish day that is

XOXOXOX, Thally!

astute sentiment...
when waiting for tomorrow
today slips away

Find creative muse

Thats longing to become free

Write my heart again


Leave the past behind

Begin anew, open heart

Sing the song of love

Mmmmmmmmm. Love this. You go, Girl!

sing the song of love...
in all it variations
equally as sweet





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