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     While working in a local supermarket with my team of merchandisers last week, a bunch of young shoppers came into the aisle. In fact, dozens of small groups of kids, pre-teens I would think were roaming around the store from Camp Weeki Wachee. They weren't just shopping. They were on a Scavenger Hunt...YEAH..A Scavenger Hunt with lists to find items all around the store.  They had to navigate around our team members and milk crates and shopping carts and products on the floor. That's what our team does:moves items so customers can't find them or reach the m. I happened to glance at the list of one of these Weeki Wachee campers. The list included pancake syrup and flour (which happened to be in the aisle i was in ) and Skippy Peanut Butter  and Barilla pasta and  some brand of red hot peppers. 
     Is this what camp activities include these days? going to a supermarket? When I went to day camp eons ago, we had all sorts of outdoor sports, games, swimming,roasting marshmallows, nature walks,etc. If it rained we might go to a movie or go bowling. I realize all camps are different and have different budgets and monies  but a scavenger hunt in a supermarket. !!!! We never did that when I went to Robin Hood or Sands Point Day camp. What ever happened to arts and crafts? I still have my wooden ash tray I made one summer. My wife and I still use it to put our smoked weed while in our jacuzzi. Is going to a supermarket so much fun or an educational event? 
     Now , being familiar with this particular store's layout, I knew finding those red hot peppers would be a task that would be a challenge to even  Dora the Explorer.   Where would these kids look to find those elusive red hot peppers? I know they were in the aisle near the pickles and olives. I don't eat either. I'll eat almost anything that walks, runs, hops, skips, swims, flies, or slithers. I said Almost. You won't find any insects,spiders, centipedes,or any of their relatives on my grocery list. 
     Well, a few  minutes after this group of campers left my aisle I heard what sounded like glass breaking and soon afterwards an announcement on the intercom  for a clean up in aisle 6. I was in aisle 7.   Sure enough some camper had knocked over several jars of peppers that lay strewn all over the floor with broken glass everywhere. An older guy who I think was a counselor told the kids to stay away from the jagged pieces of glass.  If you're waiting to read about some bloody artery or lawsuit, you're thinking like I did although that didn't happen that day in that aisle. A store employee came over with a wet mop and pail to clean up the mess. There were broken jars of brands of peppers like Mount Olive, B&G,Vlassic, Ortega, mezetta, and Victoria on the floor. The counselor apologized to the store employee for the mess. Suddenly little Johnny held up a jar of Mancini Red Hot Peppers screaming "I got it. I got it."  He would have made Peter Piper proud.   

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I had no idea camping experiences have changed so much, Must have had a limited budget. I'm all for the great outdoors. A funny story nicely told, Mark.




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