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This is my serious side (seriously).

I'm always curious about gender issues. I believe many issues are 'people' issues but media bombards us until some issues, rightly or wrongly, become associated with a specific gender. As I've aged I have noticed that I seem to have become more anonymous in public. Frequently I've heard that many 'older' women become invisible in our society. My 69th birthday is coming up and I've had a ponytail for 50 years, with the exception of a brief stint in the army, where it turned out ponytails were frowned upon. Anyhow, my ponytail no longer seemed to offend people, so I had it cut off. I then proceeded to go about my daily routine. Exactly 4 younger people who I know, out of over 25 people, noticed that the ponytail was gone the first time they saw me...which to me was an indication that that they never really looked at me. One of my sons 'saw' me 3 times before noticing the ponytail was gone.  

Now I'm not claiming that my little experiment has any scientific validity...or that age was positively the determining factor in my invisibility...but I kind of feel like I'm fading away. 

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I hope this doesn't make you jealous Karin...but my man boobs are becoming kind of perky.

My man boobs are triple E ...

A moskeeter bi me on left nipple and has itchd aall morning ....

Karin it's called "shift happens"

There they are ...

its this society that we live in uno .. back in the old days older people like ourselves were respected but now its all about justin beeber and what he's gonna do next .. just how many ways can he step on his own dick ?? inquirin minds need to know this .. or what is kim kardashian gonna wear to her next wedding that might last longer than the 42 days the last one did ..nobody wants to know what older people are doin .. its too depressin for em cause that just reminds em that they're gonna get old too someday ..and nobody wants to hear about that ..or think about that .. go out , have fun cause you're young , don't think about them old farts .. we've become the invisible generation .. remember when the beatles were so huge ?? and even when they split they could still cause a scene .. and now if paul mcartney makes a new album it don't get no play .. poor guy can't get arrested .. cause he's gettin to be invisible too .. a couple of years ago i grew my hair pretty long more or less as a kissoff to bein young .. my last stand so to speak .. and while its not all that short now i've noticed that i've become invisible too .. and i'm not quite 62 yet .. i doubt i'll get any more visible when i'm 68.. its just the way it is . we don't have to like it but either way there ain't much we can do about it .. we are the invisible generation .. 

and problem i have to go wash my eyeballs out with soap after tryin to type this with that picture you put up there bouncin up and down .. 

Gotta watch them thangs, they could knock ya out flappin' like thet ! lol

I think it's just a fact of aging, becoming that old  woman or man . We do become invisible.. Society is built around the young but the young have  much to learn and I intend to live as loud as I can for as long as I can, invisible or not ! Yep, things have started sagging but I figure the folks I would attract are sagging too so hey, We in this together...Sides' I've earned my sags ! As I laugh all the way to my comfy chair " big grin"..

I like that ...

Thispast year really been rough on me . Haven't  done much of anything since 2005 . No trips worth talking about . Haven't been to a restaurant since 90 . I just plain dropped out of society but it was my faught , no oe elses . I will be 64 June 15 . I feel old outside but in my soul I'm a young feeling as can be . My aunt wants me to dress up when going to doc . I kinda like the rough look. Maybe I can kinda change my ways if my recent attemp to lose weight works out . I'm on my 5th week now . Believe I have made some head way . Don't know how much since I can't stand to weigh myself . Maybe another month willnshow some progress . I do eat a litle chicken no skin , mostly tuna water packed , 4 pieces of bread is holding firm .. FUTURE MAY LOOK DIM bu at least I'm trying ...

Wayne, perhaps it would be good for you to watch Reverend Al Sharpton on MSNBC every night at 5:00 central time. Not for what he is talking about but just to look at him. He used to weigh well over 300 lbs. Now he weighs about 140 lbs. He did it all on his own without drugs or anything. Also he has kept it off for over 4 years. If he can do it so can you.




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