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Hey Cuppa, are you sleeping in? I guess I'll open up since I'm the first one here, and I'll get the coffee going in case any early birds come in. Folks, it's Friday and it's going to be a good weekend! Come on in and have a seat, we're happy to have you! Have a donut while I get the coffee going.

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Stick around, I need to reboot. Acting like glue.
So, are you re-booted?
Sped this mochine right up.
I had a good day today. My oldest daughter came over and we split and hauled firewood, had coffee and cake, and hooted and hollared all afternoon. It was a fine time.
Sounds nice! Did you bake another cake?
No, but we polished of the chocolate and the cheese cake. Apple pie is next.
Use lots of apples.
I fell asleep early last night which was why I didn't get this place set up for today. Thanks for opening this morning. I was just full of energy today. Sleep does that you know.
I get a good night's sleep most nights! Unless I have heartburn from eating too many chocolate chip cookies.
Well, I finished my corn flakes. . . going to get a BIG bubble bath and curl up with a book. . . RBAM may be back in a bit.
I hope you got your pilot light question answered in detail. lol.
OK CJ. . . sleep tight. I'm headed out. See you tomorrow!




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