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Hey Cuppa, are you sleeping in? I guess I'll open up since I'm the first one here, and I'll get the coffee going in case any early birds come in. Folks, it's Friday and it's going to be a good weekend! Come on in and have a seat, we're happy to have you! Have a donut while I get the coffee going.

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Good night dear.
I'm going to run over and welcome a couple new members. I'll be back in a few minutes. Anyone comes in hold the fort till I get back.
Ok, my hosting duties are accomplished. Anyone want to share a cup of coffee?
That doesn't read exactly right. Actually you can have your own cup of coffee and I'll have one with you. Or....
Ok folks, dinner is over. Get your buns on in here. We've got things to talk about.
Moosie and I are kicking back at his place. Join us.




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