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The 105th World Series Championship Series! New York Yankees vs. The Philladelphia Phillies Game 5

We get to play one more in Philladelphia tonight. The question is, will it be the last one we play, or can The Phillies force a game 6 in NY? The Yankees go into tonight's game with a commanding 3 games to 1 lead, after a thriller down to the wire game 4! Since this is the do or die game--one have to wonder..will Ryan howard finally show up? Heck--for that matter--will Robinson Cano strut the stuff he's been strutting all season? We got 9 innings of playing time tonight to find out!!

As mentioned--tonight's game will take place in Philladelphia. It will begin at 8:20PM EST--after all of the hoopla from the pregame show gets over with!

Tonight's starting pitchers are

For The New York Yankees
AJ Burnett Pictures, Images and Photos
AJ Burnett
Who pitched a spactacular game 2
and didn't get overly emotinal as he usually does!
He will be pitching on 3 days rest for the first time in his career!!!

For The Philladelphia Phillies
I am really starting the All Star Game? Pictures, Images and Photos
Cliff Lee
Whose astounding game one perfomance'is the reason
The Phillies won game 1!!! Can he do a repeat performance
and push for a game 6??

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Game 5

Burnett and the Yankee bullpen with ha little help from Jeter, need any more be said? Oh congratulations to Chase Utley; what a beast. I found it paradoxical though that on the same sequence of at bats Utley tied Jackson for the the most home runs in a World Series with 5, Ryan Howard in the very next at bat, ties Willie Wilson of KC for most strike-outs in a Series with 12. I remember watching that World Series and it was the Phillies winning; the Royals just didn't have a chance George Brett, Amos Otis or not. when Jeter came to bat I grimaced because I have seen him ground into so many double plays all year. It seem ironic as if there was anybody who would not be so afflicted it was him. I have a feeling though that he is so anxious that sometimes he doesn't get as good a swing as he needs. Jeter to his credit through comes often than not though as his 400+ BA reflects.

Cliff Lee again was good albeit hittable tonight. It so impressive watching his nonchalant confidence again. Thinking about that I'm trying to think of pitchers who just show that all the time. Roger Clemens, Bob Gibson, Dave Stewart, and Mariano Rivera come to mind. Curt Schilling had it towards the end of his career. I don't know if the Yanks are in trouble or not. Just think if the Phillies had won yesterday; they came pretty close until the eighth inning. Well, sometimes these games prove to be motivators, so much for the psyche of the team that's behind. We very well may see a seventh game, if so will Sabathia be able to duplicate Bob Gibson in 1967 and Micky Lolich in 1968 to win three games in a Series? Was there anybody else to do that? at least in recent memory? I could see somebody like lefty Grove or Grover Cleveland Alexander having done it.

There was talk on the broadcast of Pettitte maybe not feeling good enough to pitch on three days rest, if so it will be interesting to see who would go instead.

See ya Wednesday:)
The Saints will be 7 and 0!




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