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Tell me two things in response to the request. Then post your own for the next person.

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The cat, (who is an attention hog) and the garage door opening when my sweetie comes home in the morning. (she works 12 hour midnights)

TM2 of your favorite beverages.

Iced Sweet Tea (Southern Style) and Asbach.


TM2T your dog chewed up but you didn't miss.


Dang Snagg, You keep asking questions I can't answer. Barney has been gone 9 years, and the only thing he ever chewed on was the rungs of the dining room chairs when he was a puppy. (frustrated cause the cat was on the chair) Soooo, my answer is I miss the dog. 

TM2T that need replaced.

Coffee and sweet tea

Tm2T that you would order in your favorite Mexican restaurant.

Enchiladas and a margarita. (maybe 2)

TM2T that you would order at your favorite Oriental restaurant.

"Pink lady" sushi roll and wonton soup


TM2Tyou love about your 2 favorite soups.

Hugs and love.

TM2T that drive you crazy.

Marketing calls and too much drama rocking the boat


TM2T you do to shake off marketers. 

1. Put my phone number on the national do not call list.

2. When I do get a telemarketer call, I politely ask them to repeat their name, and the name of the company. Then I tell them I was just asking because I wanted to make sure I had the proper information so that I could report them to the FCC for violating the do not call list. 

TM2T that make you smile.

Hearing my favorite tunes crisp and clear on a better playe than I had beforer, and hearing someone zing a sting at an idea I hate and the person who said it.


TM2T about "The Golden Girls" it would be best not to mock.

Betty White and Bea Arthur


TM2 of your favorite comedy writers of all time.

Mark Twain and Christopher Moore.

TM2 extra uses for that can of compressed air you use to clean off your computer keyboard.




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