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Let's chat about improvements we would like!
I will start:
I wish I wish I wish we could have the old TBD remarks after a comment in a discussion. Pardon my 54 year old brain -- was it kudos or vibes?
Whatever it was, I secretly was thrilled to receive and to give people the alert that they were funny or that I understood - or the "kicks in pants" which to me was just a fun way of showing affection rather than actual kicking of buttocks.
I KNOW we have those cartoon blobs now. But I want the easy button after a person comments! I want to show Pickleallen and Larry and Dotcom and kdblake and Kevin Lange and Monkeypants and Pru and every other person here how I feel about their comment -- immediately. That was fun!

Kudos! (See how nice I feel with a kudo!)
Ouch! (see how shocked I am to get kicked in butt?)

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Karen here's a way to bring things a bit closer to the way they were.
In my browser, I use Fire Fox but Internet Explorer has the same feature. Set up links in you browser. These can be to a single site or a drop down list.
I set one to the site Chuck made for us which has the kudos.
So when I am inspired to leave one I can click on a new tab. Click on the link to the kudo site select the appropriate one and right click to copy. Click back here and click reply all and paste.


This took 4 clicks to paste this in......not the same but not that onerous either.
Karen, I miss both the Kudos and the Vibes. I used to give lots of kudos.
I can learn to use the new kudos. I was just saying that I miss the old.

You could walk through and like a 5th grade teacher, grade each comment.

It gave me a certain Vibe power.

Anyway, I am over it. I'm now monitoring everyone through aluminum foil and my transistor radio on a secret frequency. Some of you need to dress up a little. The holiday is tomorrow. Some of you apparently have no clothes.

I love you all. Have a splendid Thanksgiving.

Pru's new and improved version of the KITP's
Been there and received that or maybe it was a tad more. LOL
Is this a kickbomb? Or a cactus dropped from above by Mr. Sam?

Pru, Happy, and Sam Houston
You can't be short! You're from Texas!!!! Oh, that's right. You are really from Florida.
Gee, I don't have many issues with the Teeb on the Ning. Sure, its different than the old one, but I really don't miss much from the original. All those kicks I received were kind of wearisome after a while, especially when it became so cumbersome to remove them. I didn't save anything from over there, I just moved on.




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