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There is a new group "TBD Stalwarts" listed in the "Groups Area of the main page. I would just like to make sure that everyone who participates  in the "Forum" is aware of this group.



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This is posted in the Stalwarts group, I just felt it best to get it out where everyone could see it.

Comment by Robin Wolaner 23 hours ago
Just to be clear -- TBD on Ning will remain free to most members, just those who can/choose to contribute financially, will.
I find it interesting that the group's avatar is money. That seems really inappropriate. I thought this was
a social networking website with an emphasis on community as opposed to being a source by which to solicit "donations".

TSD, It is about money. Money and Control. We now have two people who have spent enough money to establish a website for the members. I may end up going to one of them because I have no place else to go. But I sure would rather be part of something where I feel that I am a part of it because I'm willing to do my share. Not just because it is the cheapest thing available. I guess its the WalMart effect. Yes, I buy stuff at WalMart and Home Depot/Lowes. But I would prefer to use local mom and pop stores and local hardware stores because there my input get attention. When was the last time that any of the big stores listened to your requests? I have no animosity toward either one of the people trying to lure members away from tbd. As a matter of fact I think it is a good thing. Because if it works, it proves that the group is no different than any other group of American people. And at least I will have had my blinders removed. I had hoped for better but, what
the Hay?

Just don't think that it isn't about control.
No one was "lured" away Robbie> With my deepest respect to you dear friend, those who have joined another social networking group too are not cookies that got snatched outta the cookie jar! /;-)

Some of us were presented with another venue and it's a gift. An act of genuine friendship. It's not about whether it's 'free" for members (including me and (TSD) as we can well afford a membership or a contribution to keep people together. It's about the genuine intent to be inclusive and to make everyone feel welcome on a daily basis.

I am all for open dialogue and an open discussion about the future of TBD. The secrecy disturbs me. If I contribute - I would want to do it anonymously, and by joining TBD Stalwarts, I am declaring my intent to the group there. I'd rather say so here.
DZGD, As with most words, lured, secrecy and anonymously can have diferent interpretations for different people. I use the term lured in the sense that something is being offered that seems better to many than the current site. I am at a loss as to what you are refering to as secrecy. It seems to me that being anonymous is engaging in secrecy.
I understand that many of us were never completly satisfied with the new tbd. However, I think I knew the players and had reconciled myself to the methods of operation. I have had enough interaction with No1 to know that I disagree with most of his thinking. As I said, I personally, at this moment, have no problem with MYAtlantis other than the fact that I would prefer to stay loyal to Robin if she wants to continue tbd. At the same time I see it as an opportunity to make it better. I have not heard you or TSD say that you would not pay. Or that it was too expensive. But I have heard a lot of other people make that complaint.
I had a simular continuing problem with my Mother. She would go to Big Lots, Dollar General
and other discounters and then wonder why that little store down the street went out of business. I still maintain that the main driver is control. I think we would have lost less people if we had stayed together and fought to improve tbd.
I appreciate your point my friend.
Robbie? I believe I understand the reason for anonymity with the creator of myatlantis, it's simply humility. It's obviously someone from TBD, someone with the financial means to keep us all together. Is it you Robbie? I know you would do the same if you were financially able. I don't know your financial situation, nor does it matter. You're a good friend.

If it's you who created myatlantis, you're putting up a great facade. :)
I know I'm not alone when I say it's all about the friends made at TBD. I need to credit Robin for that. She brought us all together at TBD1 and worked hard to keep it civil and still allow the members to voice their opinion. I personally have no loyalty to Robin as we have never interacted, I can only appreciate her for allowing me the opportunity to make so many great friends. I found it interesting that she appeared from seemingly nowhere to start the "invitation only" TBD Stalwarts Group. I would have loved to have known Robin, it's certainly not due to my absence that we've never interacted.

Lastly, I give huge kudos to Robin for keeping us together here at Ning when it wasn't possible to keep TBD1 going.
Group dynamics are rarely smooth. We all have egos. And we never perceive ourselves as others perceive us.
Somebody has to be in charge. That is true in any group. I wish it were different because I despise authority. I think this will be a struggle. And we will lose some people. I very badly want to keep tbd as it was, but that is not possible. I still prefer Robins "Hands Off" approach. We knew who she was, we knew she was there, but she rarely interfered. There were things that I did not like about TBD1. I told her about them. Some she acknowledged, sometimes she ignored me. As I have said many times. "I have never met a person or group who actively wielded authority that I liked. But I also know that I have to tolerate it. That was why I was a Warrant Officer. There is no rank in the military other than General who has to respond less to others authority than Warrant Officer. I love having friends. I just don't want them exercising control over me. I'm off to walk on the beach with Happy.
My house is cleaner and all I have is brand new dirt.

I have tried to keep a 'happy face' in the midst of this TBD change. At this moment I just feel sad.
I will always miss the original TBDv1....it was easy to navigate...easy to respond...easy to lurk...I just felt so comfortable there.
TBDv2 has been different and I have found myself in the past few months just lurking...missing the crowd and diversity.
Now comes a splintering of this group. I suspect there is not only money (which is always derisive) involved but some personality conflicts. For some reason this hits me on an emotional level...reminiscent of a not so amicable divorce.
I do not like being put in a position to choose..*that is the child in me right now * . As an adult with the power to click or not I know I CAN choose.
I have grown so attached to so many members here that sometimes my day isn't complete without hearing some retort or snippit from each of you.
Just MOHO for now....I'll get back after my next glass of wine.....see how much more whining I can add......XOXOXO
p.s. WTH happened to 'Forums'??? Did that get the axe too? If so, I AM TRULY PISSED!!! I might seriously check out EONS!!!!




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