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In keeping with Carmen's group theme, Something I'd like to know about you, Tell something about yourself and then write tag. Anyone in the group may respond at any time. If you would rather not share things of a close personal nature, just keep it casual.

I'll go first.

My favorite color is red.


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I like watching the old Seinfeld shows.
I like to play my guitar and enjoy playing Acoustic and Electric each has its own unique qualities and through music I have enjoyed meeting new friends when I played at different social activities .
Hi Ralph. Welcome to the group.
I still like stuff teddy bears.
I am sentimental.
It shows Mark. Thats a good thing.
thanks carmen , come join us on tag you're it tuesday on jad if you get a chance.

I have three children

I have 18 grandkids

Wow Carmen! 18 grand children. You are blessed (and tired).

My eyes are Hazel.

My favorite color is royal blue (but I also like orange and coral and bright yellow)
I am a chocoholic...I love chocolate in any shape or form...even unsweetened...and even in my coffee sometimes...I love mocha java. (or latte) ...and I love my coffee made with whole coffee beans and made in a french press...and just enough half-n-half to make it a carmel color.
Italian food is my favorite, followed by Mexican, then Oriental, and some vegetarian.

Darkhairblueeyes, I love chocolate and coffee and mexican.

I also love Italian food.

I enjoy walks in the woods, getting lost, and find my way back. I've done that for years.
Yes...I would head out on a trail, then veer off, walk around in all directions...take a break, walk again and figure my way back. I've had a good sense of direction...tho I'm terrible in a city.




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