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What is Synchronicity?

The term synchronicity is coined by Jung to express a concept that belongs to him. It is about acausal connection of two or more psycho-physic phenomena. This concept was inspired to him by a patient's case that was in situation of impasse in treatment. Her exaggerate rationalism (animus inflation) was holding her back from assimilating unconscious materials. One night, the patient dreamt a golden scarab - cetonia aurata. The next day, during the psychotherapy session, a real insect this time, hit against the Jung's cabinet window. Jung caught it and discovered surprisingly that it was a golden scarab; a very rare presence for that climate.

So, the idea is all about coincidence: in this case, between the scarab dreamt by the patient and its appearance in reality, in the psychotherapy cabinet.

But this coincidence is not senseless, a simple coincidence. By using the amplification method, Jung associates in connection with the scarab and comes to the concept of death and rebirth from the esoteric philosophy of antiquity, a process that, in a symbolic way, the patient should experience for a renewal and vitalization of her unilateral personality, the cause of the neurosis she was suffering from.

Thus, a significant coincidence of physical and psychological phenomena that are acausal connected.

Behind all these phenomena Jung places the archetype or the constellation of an archetype, which, in his view, is a process that engages equally objective manifestations, in the physical world, and subjective ones, in the psychological universe.

Synchronicity, as an explicative theory, applies to phenomena from the area of parapsychology, prevision and premonition, to I Ching (specific method of consulting the Oracle of Changes), to astrology and many other borderline fields.

It is also present in psychotherapy, as we have already shown. Several psychoanalysts noted certain strange coincidences in which their patients received information about them by extra-sensorial ways, information that was not accessible to the general public.

I am inclined to believe in the concept of synchronicity because I have physically experienced it many times in my lifetime. I've even experienced. fairly recently,  the golden scarab phenomena but instead of a golden scarab, it was a centipede, harbinger of danger. After the dream of the centipede approaching me, I woke up the next morning to find a live centipede approaching within inches of my bed.

Another such experience of synchronicity on a microcosmic scale for me is my unexpected 3-day visit to Jamaica. My sister observed how unhappy I was at a former school--the negative climate, the fast turn over rate, enabling parents, etc. She suggested a weekend  vacation breather to Montego Bay, Jamaica. I jumped at the opportunity and took my kids with us. We had the time of our lives and I had a great epiphany sitting for what it felt like hours on a rocky ledge jutting out into the shore. My job (not career because career is meaningful) at that school had eroded my focus and the rut I found myself in was eating away at my happiness and past successes as a teacher. I had to "let go"  just like  the "ebb and flow" of the tide lapping at my legs. I was more than ready for change, but preventing myself from welcoming it. 

I returned home refreshed and rejuvenated and voluntarily left that school within the month (mid school year) and surprisingly and luckily found another school to work for (current school) where I feel happy, valued as a teacher and colleague, and at home. And to my pleasant surprise, a majority of my students in my classes were of Jamaican descent. LoL  talk about synchronicity at play. I had the most MARVELOUS rapport with these kids so my transition into the school went rather beautifully.

Here's an interesting science-oriented blog about the subject:

Oh, and here is synchronicity at play, I just found someone's response
to what posted in that blog which resonates well with what I am thinking
and feeling about synchronicity- written on my birthday. Silly coincidences
to others, but somewhat meaningful to me.

Dear D.K.

My cup runneth over.  (This one of the taglines in the Ramblers Realm avatar)

My heart is beating with a renewed enthusiasm over
the possibilities given here!

We may have just turned the corners of of ears back.

I hope you give us cats some extra time to play with this thread.

I have been searching for the justifications of my experiences.

Of course, it's only my intellect that asks how...
my heart knows why and what for.

I always wondered how much influence my own presence
contributed to the events that unfolded because
it's not like I consciously planned them to happen.

Losing one's original faith in moments of despair
is certainly a type of death, practically a crux of fiction.

The 'good news' has always been "there is Life after this death."

AND after that One, and that one and that One!

I know I scare people sometimes with my over-enthusiastic optimism.

Their faces may show disgust but their hearts
gleam hope through the eyes.

Rays of light like shining, double-edged swords
cut through space and invade my movie screen
with moving pictures, lights, sound and ACTION!

Aye, I have seen the end of the rainbow, my friends.
I have photographs to prove there is no pot of gold there.

Immersed in a prism of thunder-showers at dusk
does wonders where Spirit is concerned, and the soul
is discerned for That which it is in fact!

A projector of my life resides within Me2.

I have been lucky charmed. Le pro con, I am! Keith~

(taken from the blog above)

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Ah. Well put Mari. But there is of course the Aristotelian retort. Which I'm not quite up to at this point in time - as I've been up all night - and I have guests! Must nap. I'll be back - looking forward to Tim's next volley!

Bloody time time and gravity. As an aside it's very much the bother! Anyone who would tell a Greek, that the body does not dictate, has me to answer to with a ditty from Sophocles , and a very fine riddle he posed to his students. (I'm nothing if I am not my father's daughter.)

Kindly remind me . . .L8R! Such fun!
Just something to think about:
“String theory unites relativity with the quantum theory. When these little strings vibrate, they create notes and we believe these notes are in fact the subatomic particles that we see around us. The melodies that these notes can play out are called matter and when these melodies create symphonies, that’s called the universe. Now the harmonies that these strings can make are the laws of physics. However, when these strings move, they warp space and time around them exactly as Einstein had predicted. So even if Einstein had never lived, we would have discovered Einstein’s theory of general relativity as a by-product of string theory. String theory however is defined in ten-dimensional hyperspace, which some physicists once thought was science fiction. How could it be that we live in a ten-dimensional universe? Well the skeptics hardly laugh anymore. Around the world, the nation’s leading physicists are scrambling to learn this bizarre theory that may allow us to read the mind of God, called string theory, which says that music resonating through hyperspace may be the mind of God.” - Michio Kaku, PhD

from the paper "Fluidice Transduction Matrix: A living Model for Mass Structure"
quantized mass density values analog to variable kinetic stress
exactly-used in tuning strings on a musical instrument.





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