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Prayers, wishes, heart's desire...what you ask for in the quiet of your mind.

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Please, fight your way back from the Land of Nod.

i thought i was strong
but my fragile strength is gone
i can't let you go

(Thanks, Sara Bareilles)
my internal peace
the irrational demons
try to interfere

the eternal peace
a challenge keeping order
life becomes sweeter
A long day coming.
A lot of hard things to do.
I will be with you.
strength for what's ahead...
uncertainty, perhaps loss...
loving arms heal much
Please don't dwell on it
You know it gets you nowhere
Listen to yourself
Monster in a Box
If I could just OPEN it!
Then nothing to fear...
asked for what he prays,
my friend says, "the opposite
of what I deserve."

Wise man.
perfect as you are
ponies must be free to roam
where their hearts desire
a long life with you...
the answer to all my prayers
summed up in five words
I must be wary
of what I ask for myself
What if I get it

I know what you'll say
"Chez, eternal romantic"
Sarcastic, but true

I can't bear to ask
Until I know what it is
That I really want

One day it will come
When I see it face to face
Will it be too late

I'll ask anyway
Let the chips fall where they may
As long as it's right
I'm falling in like
With his laugh, his twinkling eyes--
Oh, I hope it's right!
Oh, Quilty! Trust your deepest feelings...you are wise.

his bright, twinkling eyes
his laughter that lifts your heart
love is worth the risk!




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