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    "Good Morning. Jumbo cantaloupes: 3 for five dollars,Fresh Express salads: Italian, Italian Singles,Sweet Butter Blend,or Red Leaf Mix:6-12 ounce bags:2 for five dollars, Newtons Fruit Thins:8-14 ounce bag,assorted mini or regular: $3.49,Snuggle Fabric Softener:Blue Sparkle or Purple Fusion: $2.99,Betty Crocker Specialty Potatoes: 4.5-6.6 ounce package: 2 for 3 dollars,U.S.D.A. choice beef boneless top round or shoulder steaks: $4.49 a pound. Thank You for shopping."
     Did you hear all that? I hear announcements like that often in one of the supermarkets I work in. I work in many as a merchandiser but in this one store,the employee that reads this list sounds like she starts in the middle of a conversation and she's taking live. A recorded announcement sounds more live than her even with interruptions. YES. I realize it's her job to read these prices at times but show a tad more life than a zombie.!!! How about first saying to the shoppers that we have some special sale items today and pause to get their attention?
     Is anybody really listening?  I am.....only because I can't believe the stupidity. Is anyone writing down the sizes and prices? I didn't catch that. Those potatoes? How many ounces? What brand? There's one guy in the fish department in a store I work in that really puts some zing into his announcements..not that I'm running over to the fish department but he makes the swordfish and tuna sound exciting. Even the deli guys sometimes get on and when the announcement is not garbled,  I usually hear the part about trying a free sample.
     "Good morning shoppers. anything you can carry in your hands to a register in the next 5 minutes is free today." I think the stores should try that one day to see if anybody is listening. I seriously doubt anybody is. 

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Ahh yes. The bitter joys of supermarket shopping. I plug up my ears with music when shopping now. Have to , ya know?




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