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After a few days here. I like many, are still trying to figure out the best way to use this site and make it feel like home.
I have noticed a few cumbersom things as I am sure others have. This is not a complaint thread but hopefully one that we can be positive and come up with some good ideas and help other as we do.
One of the first things I have noticed is there is a group for about every ten people. This makes it hard to follow activities. Maybe as we go along and we see a lack of activity in some groups we can thin them. I am sure there is some duplication.Again not complaining just saying simpler is better and there obviously aren't as many people here.
Then I noticed the forum tab seems to function as the recent activity area on the original site, though it doesn't post group threads. It seems like a good place for new posts that don't really fit groups and you want the general populist to respond. It's not perfect but I think we can make it work.
If you have more ideas please post them but lets do try to keep them positive. As you can tell I also miss spelll check.
I hope this finds everyone well.
My Best

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You have to ask someone who is not your friend. You have the highest authority for your pictures. You are your friend, are you not? For 'your friends'
Alla, I don't understand what you mean by your statement "You have to ask someone who is not your friend. You have the highest authority for your pictures. You are your friend, are you not? For 'your friends.'"

The pictures we post are private (if that is the setting chosen within our profiles) but all the photos are showing up in the main photo section, regardless of the privacy setting.
This - is NOT cool.

Sorry Bull, we will get back to "suggestions proper", but in the mean time, this is a suggestion, ADMIN! Please consider correcting this problem of ALL photos showing up in the main photo spread!!!
I am doing a test right now. Authority - this is something that has to do with database. I can not correct something that I did not do. Besides, it all has to do with authority once again. If I don't have it, which I don't, I can not do it. This is very difficult to understand, so I have to say in this case "Trust me". Please, give me the exact name of the album that is set to 'private'. It probably is necessary to contact support. Robin might not know 'what' or 'how' to do it. It's not a problem to contact support. We'll see.
Thank you Alla, please confer with George, he is on the case.
WendyLynn, I hear you, but I am quite mystified. It's in full swing. Not the slide show, that's been gone for some time, but hundreds of photos are all there in the photo section. You now have to click on the word "Photos".

More being added by the second it would seem, which pushes the example of where mine are further back. At the moment (some of) my pictures that should NOT be avs. for public viewing are here http://teebeedee.ning.com/photo?page=301

page 301 - although as mentioned page changes as people add more pictures to their profile.
Hope this explains things. If you can not access photos then I am truly perplexed. George has advised that only the creators of this site can fix this problem, and so far, he has had no response to his request that this problem be fixed.
As you can tell I also miss spelll check.
Bull, my friend add Google toolbar to your browser. It does the spell check instantly and give a good suggestions. It is great. I do use Google Chrome so it is even better.
"add Google toolbar to your browser."
I suggested this to Bull and everyone on page one of this thread. There is a FireFox link provided for those on FireFox.
As Diana advised, there is a spell checker on Google tool bar. If it's activated, great. If you don't see it, find a button with a picture of a wrench. Hover your cursor over that button. You will see words 'Adjust Google toolbar options'. Click on it. A panel will appear with several options. Select the options you like. Activate them. You are done. It could be both: Firefox or Internet Explorer.
It is really squirrly




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