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Just wondering what you all think of the supreme court ruling that strip searches and cavity searches are ok for anyone arrested, even if its for an old unpaid traffic ticket. The case being cited is from a man who was mistakenly arrested for an old traffic warrant (that turned out to be not his) but was  held for a week and strip seached twice during that time before the mistake was discovered.

Do you think this reasonable or not?

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Unreasonable to the "nth" degree. No strip or cavity searches without damn good probable cause.

Bob,  I agree 100%. I don't believe I would be able to allow such a thing if it were to happen to me. I don't know what the punishment is for absolutely refusing but I would take it. The interesting thing is that I also listed to a talk show with callers saying "well, if you're arrested then you lose your rights and besides, those gaurds have a difficult job. I think it reasonable."  It made me crazy to hear that. 

To those guards i say......"Bless yer heart".

And no, you do not lose your rights when you're arrested.


I remember a jury trial that I didn't get picked for:  A young man and his mother were suing the state because when he was detained as a juvenile he was raped by another prisoner who was in juvenile detention even though he had become an adult.  

They were suing because they contended that the state failed to protect him from a known danger that they were harboring.

The state was contending that they didn't owe the kids any protection from the detention environment because the kids knew what they were getting into when they committed the crime.  

There is too much of this "you asked for it when you did the [whatever] deed" going around.  Consequences of actions are one thing, but when a group of people with power make up even more consequences to allow, that is evil.

I didn't get picked to even go through voir dire, but I probably wouldn't have been empaneled because I had already decided against the state.  I wish I knew what happened.

I'm with you 100% Quinn.  That's when you need your rights the most.

Baia, I often wish I knew what happened with trials that I didn't get picked-for too.  When you're honest with them about your own values, you tend to not get chosen to serve.

That's why I always lie to get picked.

Robbie, I was on a jury once where the abuser in the relationship was so blatant that even though his girlfriend was afraid to press charges, the police had enough evidence from the community that they were convinced they had a solid case against him.  

We worked for a month on that case and when we finally went to deliberate one man on our jury said that he didn't believe we had the right to make a decision about a domestic issue.

We wasted all that time for nothing.  I hope he was just stupid and not lying.  I don't know how he got picked.  He was the last alternate.  This was 8 years ago and I haven't been called since.  Do you suppose I'm on a "do not call" list now?

I was chosen once for Federal district jury duty held in Dallas, about 60 miles from my home. At that time you were 'on call'  for 30 days max. depending on how many cases were on the docket. They were required to give no less than 12 hours notice to report the next day. And it was made very clear that if your name was called at 8:00 AM and you didn't answer a federal warrant would go out for your arrest......no excuses, no second chances. They didn't care if you had to hire a taxi or ride a dog sled, you better be there.

I was self employed at the time so this was one hell of an inconvenience and the first time I was called I told the judge as much. He told me in so many words, " That's tough shit....be here and if you get picked and the jury gets sequestered....tough shit again." I went three times and avoided getting picked. One time we sat from 8:00 AM to 1:ooPM  waiting for the judge to arrive and were finally told the case was settled out of court.

By the fourth time I had had enough. The case was against the guy was for income tax fraud over a period of about 5 years. During voir dire one of the questions was of course, " Can you hear the evidence and make an impartial decision?" When it was my turn to answer I stood and very calmly, (and truthfully) said, "If a man can screw the IRS for 5 years and get away with it, more power to him." You could have heard a pin drop. The defendant turned and looked at me and smiled. The judge stared at me for a few seconds and then sent me home.

I think I had 6 more days left on my term but I got no more phone calls. I don't think my wife slept a wink for those 6 days. She was sure we were being watched and I would be hauled off to jail at any time and that all our income tax records were being carefully examined. If they were they didn't find anything.

funny as heck! Good for you Bob.

I just finished reading Justice Kennedy's comments on why he voted for the strip searches.
I think I'm going to be sick.

Quinn, I read only part of that and I did get sick. quoting stupid things like "so and so got a ticket only days before he did something bad. Maybe if he had been arrested and held and searched, it wouldn't have happened." Amazing stuff and we are all letting it happen.

This is not reasonable. No way, no how. It's rape and false imprisonment, and I sincerely hope that man pressed charges, and sued everyone involved plus the city.




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