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long, dark, hard winter

now sun warms my face and heart

I will blossom soon.

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thinking of my love

leafing through seed catalogs

his hands craving soil

your tulips are up
your child moves in my belly
both will blossom soon

I love you, Draughn.

all things new again
we walk hand-in-hand with clouds
our hearts young as spring

Bright sunshine, blue sky.

Chorus of bird song rising -

Our love is like spring.

bird song rising
souls soar skyward on the sound
heart strings entwining

the sunshine remains...
open wide your heart's windows
and cast out winter

the promise of love
is to endure killing frost
and rise up reborn

it all awaits you
the warmth of spring eternal
bird song and blue sky

the safe happy place
the wellspring of sanity
the endless embrace

she who loves you waits
outstretched hands cupping her soul 
eyes shining with hope

sweet peas and blue skies
sunrise surfing before school
coronado spring

this spring that was ours
i won't see it in your eyes
but i'll know it's there

you stroke the warm wood
lay your head against the trunk
remember me there

our hands in the soil
we smile and anticipate
another planting

watching her outside

bending over flower beds

fresh seedlings will rise

Spring is nearing us

I hope  I will be ready

To enjoy it all




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