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the last few weeks i been grabbin some old photo albums and scannin the pics onto my computer and i found some interesting shots that i took a long long long long time ago .. and its a little bit late but its still thursday so lets make this a throw back thursday post of pics .. here's one of me where i used a prism lens and i really like the effect .. its hard to get right tho but when you do its really cool .. this is about 30 yeas ago .. wow .. when i look at it thats like half my life ago .. so .. how bout you guys ?? got any older pics from way back when you were good lookin ?? come on .. don't be shy .. you know you got em .. put em up .. come on now .. 

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Oooh,young, fresh, not so naïve-- and you can play the guitar--and you were in Jersey----Hmmmmm--verrrrrrrrrrrry interesting.  We could have let some sparks fly--I being the older woman, I could have taught you a coupla things. 

I am just playing.  It's very early and I have to go to work today.  So blame it on the early hour...

Unfortunately, my mother had them. They were stored in a shed which flooded, soooooooooo, I don't have any.

ohh .. thats such a bummer cresty . but did you know that you can take a photograph and put it in clear water and you can actually wash it ?? you can't let em stick together tho but i'm sure if you knew me then i coulda saved quite a few of em .. maybe not all .. but way more than half .. maybe 80 or 90% of em anyway .. 

and i'm sure you coulda taught me a coupla things too cresty .. i'd have been more than willin to be the teachers pet .. 

Handsome young man, Chief.  I can't go back as far because I don't have those pics, but here is one of me teaching in 1987. 

And, that school had a radio station. One day, the kids running it said to listen during my café duty. They dedicated a song to me.  Guess what it was, Frenchy!  Hot for Teacher.  I was mortified.  It was a Catholic school, too.  Ha ha. 

they were right crest

i'm always surprised at how any people have pictures of themselves. i have a gap from about 1970 to about 2000 with almost no pictures...

What were you in for? :-)

i'm sure there were a few boners in that class cresty .. and i wouldn't wanna blame you or anything cause you were just bein you .. and they were just bein them ... and i'm sure you kept your composure .. as most teachers do in situations like that .. not every teacher is a mary lou paterno .. i'm sure some have thought about it maybe .. but thats as far as it went .. i was in jersey in 1987 tho .. and i was single .. and i looked a lot like that pic of me up there .. maybe a few years older but not much .. and i would have let you be my teacher in night school .. so i could brush up on some extra credits .. you look so studious .. so i'd be sure to pay attention .. yeah .. i would .. honest.. 

Love the pictures, both Frenchy and Chief - good looking young men!  And crest - you were and still are lovely to look at and smart to boot - you got it all going on girl friend then and now!  

where's the pics of you t? ..i'll bet you turned a few heads when you wanted to .. 


Oh, hottie!  Great hair, Dwalt!

how long ago was this dwalt ?? its a great painting .. and by the way cause we're all curious .. how did your surgery come out ?? was it all you hoped for ?? 




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