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Sorry I've been MIA but there's a reason.  I've been in pain for weeks and have a neurology appt April 16, but I' couldn't take it any longer.  Being antil Opiods that I am, I asked what else she could give me.  She incease my baclofen from 2 times a day to three times a day.  So now every time I sit at the computer I fall asleep.  I've tried to make backgrounds for Easter and  just had to stop.  I'm looking forward to getting some answers with the neurologist.  Have great hope in this person.  My orthopedist thinks they will figure out the shooting pains.  Let's hope she's right.  Thanks for your patience.  

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Oh, poor Helen; it's awful to be in pain. Hope the neurologist can help you and thank *you* for all you do for this group and this site. Hang in there.

Thanks officer ripley.  It's tough, but the back surgery worked and the inside Tendinosis is getting better.  The outide of the ankle is from a dislocation of m ankle 20 ears ago and now lots of scar tissue and arthritis.  

Constant pain is maddening...another reason I didn't feel I could fly to Sacramento for my grandson's funeral. Hope your neurologist can come up for some answers for you.

MTwoman, I didn't know your grandson had passed away.  Sorry for your loss.  

I'm sorry that you're going through this, Helen.  I hope that your doctor resolves this...quickly.

MTwoman, I'm sorry about your grandson.

I hope they have some answers for you Helen and something to help with the constant pain.

Take care- hope you find the answers you need.

Hope all is resolved soon Helen.

Guys I'm putting all this in one dr's hands and if I don't find relief here I don't know what I'll do.  I'm afraid to walk in public for fear of falling. My cane is great for balance but the jerking sends me backwards.  I've fallen onto the toilet twice, now it rocks.  I'm not light, not even after losing 36 lbs.  :)  I flew across the room with one really bad jerk.  I try to stay upbeat, but sometimes not so eas.  You guys all keep me laughing.  

Hang in there, Helen; we're all hoping for the best for you.

Betty Davis was on point, old age ain't for sissies. That jerking sounds so scary Helen, I would be afraid to go out as well. I am thinking of you, hang in there.




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