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That was beautiful, Vernon. Thanks for posting it. Imagination is a powerful thing.
I agree.
I wish I had innovative dreams.
Mine are about work and everything is the pits.
Have you ever looked at Carlos Castaneda's work in lucid dreaming? You can change your dreams while you are dreaming them.
I too was for a time able to direct my dreams. Many people have flying dreams, as a kid I taught myself how to fly in my dreams over a period of time .... As an adolescent I could somewhat control my sex dreams, but at that point in my dream I was in the twilight and waking up, so I had to work fast .... I'm serious.
I don’t want to turn my dreams too far one way or another.
It might resort back to falling in my dreams when I was a kid.
I never hit bottom, just the falling that continued.
I also don’t want any harrowing experiences that I have had in my life to pop back up.
Dreams are manifestations of our inner, subconscious landscape which Freud may argue as larger than the parameters of our lucid, thinking self. My mom always said, "if to dream gives us happiness, why cease dreaming?"

That video was beautiful and it was sorta Mr. Roger-ish (as in Mr Rodger's Neighborhood>)
Just watching that made me feel renewed and refreshed... It's a lovely dream, Vernon, and one we can try to effect in waking life. Thank you.




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