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Do you have them? I never did until this year, It's hard to sleep from coughing!

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Yes...I get the allergies..makes u so miserable.  

My allergies are year-round since I'm allergic to the outdoors.

Not as a rule, but once in a while something will set me off for about 24 hours. I've been out a lot recently...mostly raking and bagging leaves, but haven't been bothered, but there's no pollen as yet.

I never had an allergy until I moved to Florida. I have one now.

Nope, never had them but I know folks who have them and they are miserable.

I never had any....no one in my family has them.

I have allergies all the time. Nothing seems to work for me.

Same here. Plus the air around here being so darn dry doesn't help.




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