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New cure for insomnia. Graphics were great. The idea of identifying with a single character in terms of empathy was nonexistent. Theron's skills as an actor were completely wasted in this flick.

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I liked the movie.

I think that's just super.

Not swell?

The Starbucks logo is swell.

call it a lack of inspiration

I think it's super that you thought Wendel's reply was super.  :-)

Saw it yesterday. I'm taking the "Deliberate Mystery" / "Raising Questions To Be Answered In The Next Two Movies" / "What Did You Expect From One Of The Guys Who Wrote 'LOST" ?" angle.

Plot holes are one thing. Supposed scientists doing stupid, negligent, unscientific stuff are another thing. An alien space ship going great guns getting blown out of the sky, hitting the ground and doing a hula-hoop roll before landing on it's side - And the unsecured android head inside being in the exact same spot and position it was before the ship took off is REALLY pushing it.

The inability to understand when a hula-hooped spaceship is rolling behind you and it doesn't occurr to you that you need to run to the side of it, not in front of it, was a real pisser for me. But if you're going to be that dumb, perhaps Theron's character deserved to get rolled. And given the ending, there will no doubt be a sequel to the prequel. Yawn.

never trust the android

Maybe iPhone could use that to slam the other OS.




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