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Remember Roseanne Barr the snarky comedienne that delighted (and offended) audiences on ABC for nearly ten years?  She has filed to become a candidate for president representing the Green Party.

She believes in issues like free health care, gay equality, legalization of marijuana and stands firm on the platform that men have messed-up the world for long enough.  It's time to let the women (in conjunction with Mother Earth) take the reins.  She compares herself to Isis and Cleopatra and has waged war on Monsanto.

I think she is having fun with this, but I'm not sure.

I think she is serious about wanting to run the nation, but I'm not sure.

I think she may be sane in enough to hold public office...but I'm not sure.

My problem with her candidacy is that I'm just not sure whether she's serious or kidding; or whether she's funny or not.  Is she another Pat Paulsen or 'Snoopy'?  She is sparking interest, which veteran Green Party candidate Jill Stein does not seem to be achieving.  Is it a good thing to have someone who might grab her crotch at every singing of the National Anthem overshadowing someone that has proven to be a more capable legislator? 

I believe that a little humor injected into any situation is a good thing, but is what Roseanne is doing 'humor'?  I believe it is good to have a serious leader who we can laugh at from time to time, but am not sure I could handle a laughable president that I'll have to try and take seriously once in a while.

In the movie "Man of the Year" a comic manages to get elected to the high office through a computer malfunction.  One line stuck with me when Robin Williams ultimately decides that he is not the best man for the job, "I'm a Jester. A Jester doesn't rule the kingdom; He makes fun of the king."

Can you take Roseanne's candidacy seriously?  Does she?  Does the party?  How about the nation?










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Nope! Don't think she could possibly win. I do like many of her Ideas and think we do need a lighter side of campaigning in order to point out some of the insanity.

I like Roseanne and think she would be an asset in the cabinet.

Maybe it's time for a new official cabinet officer; Court Jester?

I believe they brought sanity to rulers in days of yore.  It is a good idea, but would you want your tax dollars to go to this officer's salary?

I never was much of a Roseanne fan, back in the day.  More power to her, I guess, if she can deflate a few egos along the way, and have some fun with it.

Green party, huh?  Is she really a dedicated Greenie, or is she just another fading Hollywood type trying to generate some headlines again?

What does Dan Conner think about this?  

I'm still waiting for comments from Dan and the kids.

She strikes me as having 'green' tendencies, but I believe she sees the damage that has been done more realistically than she sees the solutions.  We have had some very poor male leaders, but I believe that  blaming the entire gender for that is a bit discriminatory.  I think that establishing a matriarchy is an interesting ideal, but I'm not sure that is really the issue, or what most of us truly want.  Whatever happened to the goal of 'equality'?  Mother Earth being personified as female fits right into her green party platform.

I believe in what she believes in, but I don't believe that she is capable of leading this country as President.

If she is is serious about anything, she is serious about finding the humor in the situation, but not everyone is inspired by her brand of humor.

NO, NO, NO and NO.

It's understandable that you might now want her as Top Dog.  How about Vice-President?  That's the office that we're accustomed to laughing at.

Can she spell potatoe?



I believe she DID invent the internet, though....or she will, when elected VP.

These days I'm so sure about my own spelling, I think I'd be a good VP candidate.  I also fall over once in awhile a la Gerald Ford.




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