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Parents/Grandparents/Step Parents: Do You Get Along with Your Rug Rats of Yore ?

Ok, so maybe they're all grown up (at least age wise), or maybe their still in their teens, tweens, etc....so how do you get along with them, be they yours, theirs or the new partners' kids ? Hmmm?? ....Do they snarl at you after taking the helping mortgage payment you give them, do they call you, or do they come around and love you up so often you have to hide and not answer the door lol !

How do you rate with your/her/his/others kids....do you still wish you'd given yours away while you could've..(in a kidding or maybe not so funny way!)....care to share ?

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I wrote several paragraphs and deleted it all. Some of the relationships I was extremely proud of. Those were easy to describe. There are other relationships, that when I started to describe, they were so convoluted, that it would have taken me a day and a half to explain. 

Proud, disappointing, confusing, on again/off again, what ever. Bottom line is that I love them all, even if it hurts sometimes. 

Of my three bairns one has always been mega-close, one distant and one yet to decide. My son in law is awkward with me but is very good to my daughter so first priorities first, methinks.




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