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heaven's here on Earth

i see it in loving eyes

feel it in your touch

wherever you go

highest heights, deepest depths

that is paradise

once my heaven was
bright and lively and full of

now it's dark and still...
i'm held in your warm embrace
for eternity

I just reread this and it comes off as terribly gloomy. Just to clarify, it's really about the difference in where I was a few years ago and where I am now. 

Then, I thought of heaven, if there is one, as a place of adventure and activity and vibrant joy. Now, I hope, simply, to be held by My Beloved in blessed quiet--no hubbub, nothing to interrupt our peace.

I can't really express the feeling adequately, but it's beautiful to me.


our paradise lost

relationship synapses

too far to connect

watching by the gate
its hinges squeak as souls pass
i wait patiently

it waits for us all

the result of our life toils

we return to one

alone in our room
paradise in your embrace
heaven in your eyes

blissful normalcy
day-to-day life ours to share

will our souls meet there
where dreams are reality
and forever ours




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