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Whatever that is to you...

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Breezes, sunshine, scents...
What's this? We're not to bite these?
Oh! The bouncer comes
Hmmmmm, I'm intrigued, W. You're at a beach bar in Miami??? (OMG, I had Chuck's great animated gif of Chris Farley as a Chippendale's dancer here...but after a minute it began to drive me crazy, so you'll just have to imagine it...TeeHee.)
Oh, Angharad. you naughty thing. It's The Paradise, and A & E have found the fruit they can't bite, but the eternal "bouncer" is pitching them out. Oh, my, I have failed to sell it, lol.
You sold it...silly girl...Now, where's that apple?
the world we once dreamed
love, simplicity, good works
and no broken hearts
A - I really liked this: good works, work hard, you will get what you have coming to you; what a perfect world that was.
material things
are meaningless distractions
all I want is you

Talk about resurrection...Figured I'd bring this back to go with your "Hell" discussion, DD.


all homes waterfront

jimmy buffet as mayor

a buyer's market


free utilities

jesus uses his golf cart

for welcome wagon



in another world

we hold hands and don't let go

stardust in our eyes

tell me man's first sin

he tasted forbidden fruit

caused all our troubles

Jesus came, saved us

inspire me with this knowledge

heavenly spirit

must show source of these lines


My own paradise

It has no rhyme nor reason

It's only a dream

I like this, Slim!


No rhyme or reason

to those outside your sanctum...

perfect sense to you




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