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What impact has the Pandemic had on your life?
How are you taking care of yourself?

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It hasn't been too bad here.  We live on 5 acres on a street that's a mile long and has 12 houses.  Social distancing existed here long before the Pandemic.  When we go into the small town we live it we go to Dollar General we wear masks and if we go into Newport, the major town around here it's still pretty empty, but wear masks when we go into a store and down by the highway when we go to Walmart we definitely  wear masks though that's all up to the individual.  When we go early store is almost empty and we may or may not wear a mask over the last few weeks.  I'm careful, but I am not giving up doing what I feel like doing.  We did keep the grandkids we had here close to the house and pool.  We took them to open areas of the Smoky Mountain National Park and we did venture out to dinner but they were only at 25% capacity.  Just told my granddaughter to wash her hands.  We lost my Brother in law, my ex's sister's husband to covid 19. He had undelying health issues though, plus he never got over losing his wife. 

 Really not much has changed other than having to wear a mask 8 hours a day while at work. I hate them. I'm doing more ordering groceries on line to do the curb side pick up just so I don't have to mask up to go in the store. I know a lot of people don't believe in this virus, but a lady I used to work with has died from it and one of the nurses that works for the medical center I work for has passed. One of my friends also had it and was in the hospital for a while.

It didn't change my social life as I didn't have one anyway.  I wear a mask when I go to the post office.  I order my groceries on line and go to the store and they bring them to my car.  Dollar General has started that service now and it is only a mile from my house so I will probably start ordering from there now too.

I no longer have any visitors other than family but I keep in contact with my friends by phone. 

I hate having to wear a mask but if it in any way helps stop the spread of the virus then I'm in. I have always been a hand washer and even more so now and I notice I am more careful about what I touch. 

Taking care by staying home for the most part, out for necessities only. 

We always wear our masks when we do go out, just as much for others as for ourselves. If it helps stop the virus from spreading why wouldn't we. We are all in this together, at least we should be.  

My response is the same as yours Patti.

It's not bad here in MT, but it is here. I go to the supermarket...not into ordering food, as I don't want other people messing with my food and I prefer to choose what I want. I always wear a mask when I'm out...if others choose not to...I say let them die. Visit with neighbors when we're outside and see friends within our "social bubble" once a week. Otherwise, I keep to myself. I will say, I've missed the summer amusements that usually occur here, but, oh well.

I felt the same way about ordering supermarket food but I know the girl that fills my order and I only order when she is working. When I place my order online, I request her for my personal shopper and she is the one that brings it to my car.  If she has any questions about choices or substitutes, she sends me a text message and gets my opinion.  I have never been disappointed so far. 

I really miss my singing group. I am happiest when singing, and "making a joyful noise". I don't believe we will ever reform. Too many restrictions. I am sorry to see it go. And I miss my kids!! I have seen my younger son and his family a couple of times this year, but our big reunion got cancelled, and my usual summer trip up to visit with everyone wasn't possible; no way to get there. I would have to go into DC to catch a train or plane, and you couldn't pay me a million dollars to go into DC right now. And frankly, I think Dave and I have had a bellyful of looking at each other. What is the old saying, "Familiarity breeds contempt"? I have my books to read, and TV, of course. And there's my painting. But I am really sick of being here at home. I'm just not used to it. And I really don't like the way my son won't let me go out of the immediate neighborhood without him; I feel stifled. Ok....enough complaining. I'm alive, right? Wait....I think I am. Let me go look in a mirror and see if I can see my breath. :-)

Lol Karin.

Karen I am a free spirit and my kids watch me like a hawk. I know they love me but lord they work my nerves. I plan to isolate until mid 2021

Wearing a mask!!   I can breath alright, but at times it fogs up my glasses and interferes with my downward vision.  Yesterday at the store, I hit a can on the floor, as I didn't see it.  It hasn't interfered with our socialization as our group has been safe, as my family here in Jersey.  Don't do much take out but do miss being inside a restaurant for dining. 

The county where I live has had around 1,200 deaths and many thousand infections. This stuff scares me. My daughter does my grocery shopping for me. I do go to the post office, bank and the hardware store, but only when I know there aren't many people around. I wear a mask when out in public. On Tuesday I have to pick up my oldest son from the airport who went up to Oakland to celebrate my younger son's birthday. Just picking him up kind of worries me. 




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