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TeeBubbaDee is going into the hospital tomorrow for surgery & could be there awhile...
I just want you to know, TeeBub, that you have lots of friendship & love & support here, & an abundance of people that will be pulling for your success & recovery. You're awesome.

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Hi, sweetie! Are you o/l now? If I missed you {{{((({{{big hugs}}})))}}}

Hey Tee, Sure glad you are back. I met D's girl today. Very charming and a fun conversationalist.
Robbie, I think you are my hero!
and so cute, I could just eat him w/a spoon!
I think you'd need a spork.

Happy Sunday, Tee! I hope you're taking it easy today.

I dunno, Chez, we've already determined that spooning leads to forking, and sporkling leads to snorgling.... '-)

'morning, TeeBub! I hope you have a good day today! xox
We did? When? I must have been screwing, you know, putting on the new mud flaps, during that conversation.
I'm sure.

*don't give Tee ideas!*
Sooooo, Robbie, what does screwing led too? Ya know, other than new mud flaps I mean.
I could probably use some new mud flaps. Dew laps. Something. I haven't been shopping in ages.

How you doin', Tee?
I s'pose you're still takin' it easy, dear. Sweet dreams.

Don't forget to get an extra large life jacket for this gal.
How about a truck intertube if the life jacket won't fit.




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