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What are your thoughts on this one?

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Actually,I love online shopping. As for online dating...well...I'm married but I met Debbie on a online dating site...they work.

Steve, I remember when you met Debbie online and when you were meeting others in NY.  Glad Debbie and you worked out. 

I've had much better luck with online shopping than I had with online dating.

Caveat emptor...on both.

LOL. No online dating for me...thanks!  I shop online often, mostly using Amazon, rarely Ebay. About once a year or so, my grandson and I order from Lucky Vitamin which has good prices on the body wash and lotion I use and some personal care products he uses. Ironically, we never order vitamins from them. Orders of $49 or more get free shipping, so I'll add my grandson's order in with mine and he reimburses me.

I use my Amazon Store card on Amazon and Citibank's virtual credit card numbers to order from other sites. Only one virtual number can be used per merchant. I can set the amounts and expiration dates. Amazon is good with returning things or making it right if something is shipped damaged. 

I enjoy ordering online and so far everything has been as I expected. I know for many online dating has worked well but for me, I would never, never do that for a myriad of reasons. 

I will order  online all the time and never really had a problem.

I will order online if I'm not satisfied with local choices, but always look to support local merchants first. Have been out of dating scene since before internet, but would probably follow same philosophy, get out of house, look local first, then go online.

I tried a few times but seemed like they were possibly married or in a relationship.  No phone calls on weekends etc.  Then I tried a different one that a friend used.  Nice guy, no photo lived in same area I did.  He said he was overweight and so was I.  OMG  I was skinny and petite.  He had to be 500 lbs.  Worst part was I figured out who he was.  He was a realtor and advertised himself as "largest realtor in my county".  While I lived in the county I had very few transactions there as I worked foreclosures in Baltimore.  




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