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That feeling of anticipation that can be good or like crawling on broken glass. Waiting for Godot...ah the joys of the unknown! :>) As always, in three lines of 5/7/5 syllables, respectively.

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will he say the words?
he looks at me with such love
my heart does a jig
waiting for that big return
will it be enough
It was and it is.
will he or won't he
find his way through the darkness
wandering alone

prayers fly from my lips
embrace him, powers of light,
guide him home to me
waiting, not knowing
that's the hardest thing of all
or maybe it's not
time stands midnight still
we don't breathe; our hearts don't beat
but we pray and hope

it's all we can do
so much isn't up to us
in our silent hells

it's not the wanting
the wishing hoping praying
it's the damned waiting

no; not the waiting
it's far more insidious
it's that phoenix...hope
I love you, Suuse...empathetic sister. Wordsmith. Artist. Magician.
your wait is lonely
and fraught with peril and hope
but you're not alone
no, never alone
others keep my dark vigil
filled with hope and dread

not ever alone
lost in lost worlds, he hears me
crying out his name




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