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OMG, these people are Shameful in P.A. Ignorance, Amazing! I see Dumb People!!

Where were all these people when Bush was doing exactly what they're accusing the gov't of now. I cannot believe these people are from the state I was born in! I now live in the south and the people here make much more sense than these idiots.
This is rehearsed, one 35yr old "woman" was whining, OMG, the rest of the world was just starting to respect America again. Now, they must think we're the most ridiculous morons!!

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One thing that I know for sure is that insurance companies have a lot of money and power. Sometimes money and power are good persuasion tools.
You see Dumb People?

how many?
Too many!!
Ah. Yes. You see - there in lies the problem. Never enough dumb people. That's why "they" keep making more.
I don't think you can blame it on one state. There's plenty to go around.
How about the fellow who had recently moved fro Arizona to NH and decided to pack a weapon to President Obama's town hall meeting.
I understand our rights but my god what about common sense.
I was just talking to my sister about that, is that not crazy?? To let this guy have a gun strapped to his leg?
And you're right, it's not just one state. But I was shocked I guess because it was PA. I expected more.
there are some really dumb people down here in the South also. They are just naturally more polite about their stupidity.
Shhhhhhhhh! I live here now ! OMG! Whatever is a Canadian to do! Thankfully - they are polite - in a deep and dark and oblique fashion! Yikes ! Stupid zombies OMG! Do you think TSD has a clue?
This is why I'm so shocked, I've lived in the NC for over 20 yrs and I never thought I'd see the north outdo them, but they have in the townhall I saw.Even in NC, the town meetings they've had have been civil. I lived in Fla for 15 yrs and never saw this type of dumb, ignorant behavior.
We have our fair share of them as well...in fact if a**h*les could fly ...this place would be an airport. (I am talking about where I live...not about TBD...LOL)
I'm out of the loop, what's the point of this? There's dumb people in the paper every day which sterling individual brought on this much attention.




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