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OMG, these people are Shameful in P.A. Ignorance, Amazing! I see Dumb People!!

Where were all these people when Bush was doing exactly what they're accusing the gov't of now. I cannot believe these people are from the state I was born in! I now live in the south and the people here make much more sense than these idiots.
This is rehearsed, one 35yr old "woman" was whining, OMG, the rest of the world was just starting to respect America again. Now, they must think we're the most ridiculous morons!!

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What point is this!?! Hells bells SG! There are NEVER enough dumb dumb people !!! Let's pollinate!!! You , me. . . calling all da dumb . . . let's procreate!

Make More DUMB! DUMB down the conversation, dumb down the language, dumb down all right to dissent, dumb down the US of A !!! Country by Fisher, brains by Tinker Toy! YEAH!
Oh Daz you're so charming. Offering to procreate when you know nothing will happen except smiling faces.
Unfortunately, there are still many where there is a fair amount of in breeding but the thing is it is also environmental as well. If mom and dad du jour are dumb as a sack of rocks what chance to the kids have?
SG wrote: Nay - he lamented ....
"Oh Daz you're so charming. Offering to procreate when you know nothing will happen except smiling faces."
We will change all this you and I ! You trust me naught? Tisk tisk!!! This is what I have come to earth to do with you! YES! YOU!

We will flit about and switch the dumb rocks for smart rocks!!!!

I shall call upon Queen Pru. Just for starters. You MUST not despair !
I'm certainly not saying all PA people are ignorant and dumb. But these people at this town meeting made it seem so..
I have an aunt and cousins still in PA, they are far from dumb or ignorant
Possibly there is a correlation between incessant polka music and thinking up conspiracy theories?
How scary it is that people can be sold a bunch of SHIT and scream, cry and carry on like teenagers. HOW< HOW< HOW? can they not get it that this is really about the tax cut roll back for the ultra rich that would be needed to pay for a portion of the plan? It is not freaking brain surgery, the insurance companies have it good and so do the rich and neither wants to or will do the right thing because all most Americans care about is money and themselves. Christian Nation, Ha
They have a very different defenition of Christain Nation than I do.
Very nicely put Grace Linda
We could have a study done on this...




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