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Who is your oldest friend? Where did you meet them?  By this question I'm thinking longest known friend, but it could be age wise too.

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I have a very close friend who is soon to be 84. And the person I have know the longest (since he was very small 3 or 4 I was 6 or 7) is a friend on FB. I love how I can see what he has done with his life because he was like a baby bro to me when we were kids.

I have 2 friends...both still living in OH. One, I've known since we were 4 and 5 and lived across the street from each other. My other friend I met in the first grade. We've kept in touch over the years...and the miles.

3 of my oldest friends died lst year- one from middle school.Now my oldest friend- we have been friends  for almost 50 years. We worked together-- and he started coming to our family/friends holiday dinners- is more like family than friend. He is still in Colo.

I have a few friends from grade school and high school, but I met my best friend after I graduated and was commuting to college. One day my brother told me he had someone he wanted me to meet. She was the younger sister of one of his friends. He thought we'd like each other. He called and invited her over. She came and we hit it off immediately which is strange because we are so very different. But, he was right. We've been best friends for over 50 years.

My oldest friend (time wise..she's 7 years younger than me) is my BFF. We met when my organ teacher referred me to her saying she would be better person to teach me Jazz organ and Jazz theory. They both worked at the music studio I took lessons at and eventually taught music part time. We hit it off right away. We're both Pisces, both lefties, we are like minded and it didn't take us long to become best friends. She has been my BFF for 44 years. She is a professional pianist who did impromptu performances on one of my album tracks and one of my latest releases.

My oldest, as in known her the longest,  Met her the first day of high school.  There was a big joke between us, which if you never learned Pitman shorthand you won't understand.  We'd joke about whether it was from or very.  It was the same little curly thing. but one was darker than the other.  We both knew one of my friends who passed away last February and about once a month one of us will call the other and talk about him and the things we all did in high school.




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