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Does anyone have an old verizon cell phone I can borrow for when sarah and I go away? Ofcourse I'll pay the postage and switch it to my account. Its just that my contract cant be renewed until arpril 15. Its a bold question, but what the hell, worth a shot. Love Mother Sanity

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I'm trying to save money.

How about this one.
What the hell? It never hurts to try, now, does it?
Good news. Found an old phone.
Thanks Your a really nice lady
Glad you found one too, as I believe my Nokia is a little archaic. I think it was made back when bag phones were all the rage.
Mine's old too. I just need a phone for goung away. On April 15, when the account recycles, then I can get a PDA, which is so much easier to use.




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