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Oh, Snap! Did Betsy McCaughey get herself fired! (resigned today, after this appearance last night)

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Aaaaah, that's toooooo baaaaad! Somehow I don't feel sorry for her at all. What she's put this country through is just downright wrong.

Here's my badge for her!!

He should of resigned.
‘Death Panel’ Myth Creator Betsy McCaughey Resigns From Medical Board
By Matthew DeLong 8/21/09 4:13 PM
Betsy McCaughey — an outspoken proponent of the myth that Democrats’ health care reform proposals will lead to the creation of “death panels,” as well as a former lieutenant governor of New York and adjunct fellow at the Hudson Institute — has stepped down from her position as a director of Cantel Medical Corp., which bills itself as a “leading provider of infection prevention and control products in the healthcare market.”

From a press release:

CANTEL MEDICAL CORP. (NYSE: CMN – News) announced that on August 20, 2009 it received a letter of resignation from Ms. Elizabeth McCaughey as a director of the Company. Ms. McCaughey, who had served as a director since 2005, stated that she was resigning to avoid any appearance of a conflict of interest during the national debate over healthcare reform.

McCaughey found herself the subject of widespread ridicule after an appearance on “The Daily Show” Thursday, during which host Jon Stewart aggressively challenged her positions on health care reform.
We all know that is a bad bill.
The government workers want no part of it.
Can we blame them?
You're very welcome!!
And the evidence that Jon brought up to support his "interpretation" is ... what? I never heard him mention it. Please elaborate rather than simply ridicule. All he ever said was "that's not true..." Okay, I'm definitely willing to listen. What facts or statistics did he use to bolster his side? (This isn't sarcasm, by the way, I just like people to back up their claims.)
Ok. Here we go again. The reason I'm not agreeing with the majority is because I'm not "smart". Interpretation has nothing to do with anything. I'm just a dumb ass. Always have been. Always will be. Hell, you probably think I don't even know how to spell smrat!
All kidding aside, I watched closely, as I always do because I firmly believe that BOTH sides have good points and I'm desperate for people to find common ground. I didn't hear him do anything but say "No, you're wrong." And of course the audience was stacked for him and against her because...well...it's HIS show. Hmmm...funny how that works, isn't it?

I did hear her say early on that treatment for elderly was LESS than it should be. So, she thinks that older people should be getting even better care than they are getting now. And that is wrong...because...why? (Of course, that's only one example that I will be attacked for and questioned and interrogated about - "why did you focus on that? why didn't you say this? blah-blah-blah") I'm evil and hateful and horrible...I've already been informed of these facts...no need to reiterate. I'll send you a postcard from hell.
Well, I just got a new job and I have to pay $200 per month and $1000 before the insurance even kicks in. I only bring home $2200 per month. My bills are $2400-2500 per month. So, I'm making less than my bills, which means that I'm running up my credit cards just to survive. No meals out - no movies in the theater - no new clothes - no nothing extra.

I'm not in denial that we need a new system. I don't BELIEVE the creepy politicians that are peddling this nonsense. I do BELIEVE that they will make it WORSE instead of BETTER. That's my problem.




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