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Are you very organized or do you have a slap hazard attitude?

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I am fairly organized.  I usually know where everything is.  I do have junk mail pile up though that I am slow about going through. 

more organized than not

I usually know where things are but occasionally miss place things. It's mostly because I don't like  not having things where I need them when I wants them.

I have a system I call, "disorganized organization". To the untrained eye, it may appear to be haphazard....but I know where everything is. It's kinda like my mind.

I'm a clutter - er. I have piles, but usually know what is in the piles. When I try to organize, I can't find things, LOL. But, I've started trying to organize but I'm making a list of where things are. This might actually work!

I have a place for everything but I find it hard sometimes to make sure everything gets back in place in a timely manner.

I am somewhere in the middle.

I'm pretty well organized. Slowly I've been getting rid of "stuff" that I really don't need anymore and do not hold any sentimental value. 

I'm organized.

I am mostly organized.Have a box I put things in till the end ofthe month then file them. Hopefully its organizrf enough that when I go- my kids can find the infornation they need in a timely fashion.

I'm pretty organized...dislike a lot of clutter. Mail..deal with it or trash it so it doesn't pile up. The shredder is handy.

A bit of both. Some things I keep very organized, others not so much. Funny thing is....sometimes I forget that I put something where it should be and look for it for awhile before it dawns on me.




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