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I am not famous. I have reconciled myself to the fact that I will not ever even rate a footnote in history. And I am happy with that.....as I do not wish either fame nor infamy. But I have been part of some world famous events.

Have you ever been part of a world famous event? Ever march with Martin Luther King?....escape the devastation of the World Trade towers?....had sex with Wilt "The Stilt" Chamberlain?...been at Woodstock?....one who gathered nude to break the Guinness world record?.....attended the Beatles last concert tour?....took the waters at Lourdes?....made a pilgrimage to Mecca?.....cussed the Cubs at the end of the year?.....flashed your breasts at Mardi Gras for some beads?......

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Oh K, and I used to like you!

Recently, at an arts and crafts fair, I did get to hang out for a while with the daughter of probably the most famous actress in the world. Close enough for stardom for me.
I carded the governor of Oregon.
I was helping a friend in his business. Some guy handed me his credit card and I had no clue to who he was. I asked for ID and his body guard shook his head and walked outside. He showed me his id and I still didn’t tumble.
Hu, you' must have lived a sheltered life. I did all that before I was twenty-five. Unfortunately all of that showed up on my background check for NASA so I missed out on the astronaut but I've been sending Richard Branson chocolate so I figure I may have an in there.




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