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Hi, call me old fashion but my newspaper still does investigating reporting. In D.C. this is a must. My paper stopped delivering Saturday's. Ink on my hands should be corrected.


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I'm not clear about your point Edward. Does your paper deliver the other 6 days of the week?
Hi Larry, Yes, they deliver m-f and on Sunday. As a cost cutting measure they stopped delivering Sat. They now say that Friday's paper include's sat. because it has fri and sat. T.V. listings.

People are not catching fish like they used to.
Now they don’t need all of this fish wrap.
Newspapers are going away. Its very questionable if they can transition to the web and make enough to fund investigative reporting. I will miss them and the black hands in the morning.
Hi Dotti, Yes, it's a sad day for us old newspaper hounds. However, there are about 2,000 newspapers in the country and only about 200 have gone bankrupt. Their advertisers are mo0ving to the Internet. Do you feel like the news is becomming a commodity on the Web? It seems to me that it's evolving into a generic news pattern where it's all the same.





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