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How about this for a prompt: What is the first thing they will say about you when you leave the room?

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(Here goes)

"Well, there she goes, back to the house she shares with those wild things."

"Wild things?"

"Those loud young folks and the three - count 'em - three dogs." There's the one with separation anxiety who howls when she leaves, the fat one with the compulsive eating disorder, and the pocket-sized yapper who thinks she owns the block."

"Tough deal. She seems like such a sweet old lady."

(sigh) "Sometimes you think you know somebody.....

"She confided in me that she grinds her teeth in her sleep, and dreams of smashing cell phones."

"Cute butt!"

"And so modest,too."


"I thought she'd never leave!"

"That is one weird lady."

"They're leaving so soon? keeping I mighty short, aren't they?"

"Yeah, they are."

new prompt: "Old men seeking retribution don't want the answer."

(This phrase came to me in a dream, and I don't know what it means.)

Have you been eating Slim Jims and OJ before bedtime again?

Just Melatonin and one glass of red wine.(Well, maybe more than one). Do you recommend the Slim Jims?

Slim Jims with wine?

Oui, Madam...tres formidable!

 A nice glass of Ruffino ... or maybe a chaser of Old Rocking Chair .... hic!

I looked up Old Rocking Chair and learned it was a song, and, of course, a marvelous rock-a-by seat with back, not appropriate for anyone who may be slightly dizzy. And so I ask, what is the secret of Old Rocking Chair? 




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