TBD on Ning

Feel free to send an unmarked, unwrapped gift to any of the following:
A deserving friend on TBD...that wonderful neighbor.
A not so deserving politician....or that pesky co-worker.
A "feel sorry" consolation gift so some one in real life..
Or a little something for that some one you've always wanted to give something to.....

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Santa's new helper.
For Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones:

Let's see...
Home cured bacon for TeeBubba Pupp?

Republican Congressmen.....

For Sara Palin.....so it can coordinate with her outfits..

Absolutely perfect, Sugar....:=)
For BethD:

An unlimited supply for Bob and Jaylee:

*hugs to you, my friend*

Awwwwwww Quinny!!!!  That is so sweet!   How soon is it valid?



A trip around the world for B A F...or, would that be another trip around the world? :-)




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