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What's your favorite way to tweak the classic fudge brownie??

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I don't like chocolate or brownies.

I am an anti brownie person. :('

Beth, have you tried blondies?  They are like a brownie, but without the chocolate.  They have a brown sugar-buttery flavor.


Dirty old codgers - at least wait until the Brownies grow up to be Girl Scouts. 

Then you have to buy cookies.



I wish that I could eat chocolate...

I too am anti brownie. Too sweet and gooey.

I could........but I won't........:-)

I like pie.

What kind of pie, Beth?

Any KInd, cherry, blueberry, pumpkin, peach, sweet potato, apple, cocunut custard,

lemon maraingue,  key lime,  turkey pot pie , pizza....




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