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My generation could well be the first generation in American history to leave our country worse off than we found it.
I am a member of the baby boomer generation. The generation that came of age in the late sixties during the turbulent times of Woodstock, Watergate and Vietnam. The generation that is now holding the reins of power in most American
institutions, from politics to media, to education and culture. The generation
that will likely be responsible for squandering America's hard won freedoms and
changing America into a third world country, all in the name of 'equality' and
'social justice.' 
A defining hallmark of baby boomers on the left is hubris and an absolute refusal to learn or acknowledge the lessons of history. They know best. 

Moral relativism is the cornerstone of most baby boomers. Their theories rest on subjective, personal values instead of concrete scientific definitions. And they acknowledge no other authority or moral code larger than one's choice.
They have adopted the Rousseauian strategy of emphasis on passion instead of
reason.* And despite the utter failure of the social policies they have
instituted, they persist in believing that they can define their own reality.

Author Shelby Steele, in his book White Guilt, comes closest to explaining how and why the baby boomer generation believes as it does. Steele makes the excellent point that every generation, when it comes of age, seeks to
challenge authority and tradition. Like most adolescent rebels, they are quickly
humbled because they overestimate their own truth and underestimate the truth of
their elders. They learn a valuable life lesson when they are smacked down by
their elders and reality. 
My generation never learned this lesson. As Steele writes, "The sixties generation of youth is very likely the first generation in American history to have won its adolescent rebellion against its elders."
The reason for this: As baby boomers came of age, America had just taken the giant step of acknowledging and apologizing for its history of slavery and racism. At that moment in time, America had lost its moral authority, hence the
progressive assaults on campuses resulted in defeating the traditional
hierarchy. Heady stuff.
With this victory, my fellow boomers adopted the notion that they were invincible. "Their rite of passage to maturity was cut short and they were falsely inflated instead of humbled. Uninitiated, they devalue history rather
than find direction in it, and feel entitled to break sharply and recklessly
with the past."
The boomer's adolescent rebellion was validated. They then proceeded to infect every segment of American society with their own, unproven theories.
The media that had historically acted as a watchdog became an enabler for the boomers. The media encouraged and validated the politically correct, utopian theories that were a result of hubris rather than sound policy. And convinced
millions of unsuspecting Americans along the way.
Our universities not only succumbed, they incorporated and taught as fact the baby boomers' notion of America as an oppressor and capitalism as evil. Courses in Western Civilization were replaced with women's studies, black
studies and queer theory. Indoctrination replaced debate and group identity
quietly started trumping individual accomplishment as the road to
Fast forward to today. President Obama and our Democrat Congress are the end result of a generation steeped in successful rebellion. They are the quintessential perpetual adolescents that define the baby boomer generation.
Never having had to pay the price for our freedoms, they are oblivious to its
worth. To Obama and most of his fellow boomers on the left, the Constitution is
a roadblock to their more perfect vision. Instead, they take their cue from Saul
Alinsky's Rules For Radicals.
My generation is now in a position to radically alter America. There is a very good chance that boomers will prevail in their efforts to defeat capitalism, God and traditional values and instill their own version of 'social
justice.' Despite socialism having failed abjectly in every country it has been
tried, baby boomers like Obama have the arrogance to believe that with them in
charge, it will finally work.
Under the leadership of my fellow baby boomers, there is a very good chance that the America that we all know and love could end up on the ash heap of history. James Madison gave clear warning in 1788. "There are more instances
of the abridgment of the freedom of the people by gradual and silent
encroachments of those in power, than by violent and sudden
America is in the process of being conquered from within. By an arrogant and elitist generation more concerned with their own status and power than with the good of the country. This is my generation. And I'm ashamed to be
one of them.

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Geeze. now I'm pretty depressed.
You read Steele, I'll read Jacoby, Age of American Unreason. I think it explains a lot.

And Despite socialism having failed abjectly in every country it has been tried Huh??? What's that again?

Some people might consider what many of us are striving for as capitalism with a safety net, so that all of our people can live their lives with hope and dignity. What I hear your ilk asking for, Nancy Morgan, is death to those who don't fit in. That doesn't sit well with me.
Rectitude-Rightness of principle or practice; exact conformity to truth, or to the rules prescribed for moral conduct, either by divine or human laws ...
"America is in the process of being conquered from within. By an arrogant and elitist generation more concerned with their own status and power than with the good of the country."

By whose judgment? Wouldn't that make YOU(or who ever wrote this) arrogant and elitist? Sorry, I am easily confused.
Great pic Jackie. I'd rather talk about how good you look.
WHY THE FUCK DO PEOPLE KEEP RESPONDING TO THIS FUCKING BULLSHIT!!!!!!!! The only way to discourage this is to not respond. Please comment on any other thread and DRIVE this vile shit off the front page.
This is the last time I will,post here, and PRAY that it is the last time I see it again. PLEASE BURY ANY AND ALL OF NANCY"S DISCUSSIONS INSTEAD OF POSTING TO THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
KYAN... If you don't understand that, it stands fo kiss my ass nancy.
I agree with TeeBubbaDee all the way-------
Resorting to filthy language is a mark of intellectual laziness.
OMG, am I doing something wrong???? I've been steadily employed for forty years and consistently left of whatever center was at that point in time. My feeling we are responsible for other humans to some degree.
You're absolutely right that we are our brothers keepers. However it is not the government's job to turn our extremely charitable impulses into a mandatory requirement - We are already the most generous country in the world. As individuals.
I believe there is a good case to be made that government charity has done more harm than good.
"...The one thing that we Americans falsely believe is that through hard work and perseverance anyone can become rich..."

Hogwash: all Americans do not believe that, although the ones who do are dead wrong. At least you got the "falsely" part right.

Hard work and perseverance are no guarantee of wealth. However, laziness is a guarantee of failure.
Could you please let me know which countries you're referring to where socialism has worked?




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