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I wanted to put up a serious discussion about the music players on the front page. I'm not sure how long it can stay serious, but such is the nature of our discussions.
Do the playlists on blogs bother you? Any Ideas as to what should be done?
I am hoping maybe we can get some sort of a consensus as to the feeling of the members and see what might be done.
This is my personal post and not put up on behalf of the moderators group. I am just curious.

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I agree
Very well said, should have had you ask the question
There is normaly one or more of us online at any given time. I just wasn't sure if taking a playlist off the front page blogs would be the right thing. That is why I started this discussion.
I don't think you should stop them at all. I do think that we need to make people aware that it annoys some of us, and that they can stop them from playing automatically.
If they already know that, then it's just rude, and inconsiderate.
I have no problem doing another Barracuda bump, I can do it all day.
On one of my computers some of the bigger pictures you bump with causes a slow down. I know that is my problem but some pics and videos do cause problems for others.
I'll check the size, before the next barracuda bump.
It's not necessary for them to be big to work.
I suppose the bloggers don't even think about their post being duplicated onto the front page... they just post their blog in what they think of as their personal space.

Would it perhaps be a good idea to have a spot on Member's help and/or Community Guidelines where the little questions of etiquette like this can be addressed? Instructions on how to set your player could be given there. (And it could be suggested that they make a second post for their music, so it doesn't show up on the front page at all, for the technically challenged. :-))

We could include the 'reply to all' pointers, too. It is getting much better because of all the hue and cry, but new people arrive all the time. They can't be expected to know instinctively. It is better to make it clear and easy to learn than to say nothing and complain after their mistake is made.

Thanks for bringing it up for discussion, Bull.
I appreciate your thoughts.What I was hoping for when I started this.
I know the playlist could be taken off thew front page but would that be considered censorship by the members? Maybe new tab could be added for just playlists.
'Ello everyone. I have taken the time to post about this subject in Members Help With Ning in it's last incarnation, and in it's present one. On page three (#3) of Project playlist configuration the AUTO START on project playlist should be turned OFF (e.g. " NO " " Do Not Auto Start ") regardless of where it is placed on TBD, as it is not only intrusive, it can also cause a system slow down on many computers resulting in that person having a problem shutting down their system, for it is a 3rd party app. and the songs can be corrupted on the playlist. Having it on OFF allows listeners to have control over the playlist, and one can then "pop" it out to turn it on and listen to it within another window.

It's not censorship - it's consideration of others that is the key component here. Perhaps the more this is discussed the more people will consider adjusting or re-adjusting their playlists in consideration of others.
Yes, it bothers me. We had two playing at the same time a few days ago.
I don't know what you can do about it. It may be that some people may not be aware of the fact that posting a music player on their blog, puts it on the front page for a time, Or maybe they just don't care.
On the other hand I can bump them off quickly and easily enough, and that's fun.
Orian, I saw that and didn't know what it meant! :-D

Now that I do... Baby, Do You Wanna Bump?




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