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Do you hear music coming from the furnace or A/C? I have always heard music, far away but not garbled, when the furnace or A/C is on. Since like 30 years ago. So it doesn't depend on the house I am in.

Ever have anything like that happen to you?

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The house in which I used to live was 1/8 mile from an electrical substation across the railroad tracks from the west campus Motor Pool of NCSU. When I would pug in and turn on my guitar amplifier, I would get the NCSU student radio station playing over my amplifier.I couldn't figure out how this was possible. Now that i live farther away from the old house, it doesn't happen any more. Anybody out there with any ideas as to why this occurred?
Gosh, that is more interesting than my phathom music, so I a bumping it up again.




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