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Usually I go to the movies and pick my own seat unless I'm real late and then I have to take whatever is available. Yesterday as I was purchasing my ticket, the cashier asked me to choose my seat and showed me a computerized seating plan. I chose an aisle seat as usual. This theater has been newly renovated. Has anyone else encountered this? 

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I haven't been to a movie theater in many years -- are they now assigning seats like on an airplane?

This sounds like it's something new. I still haven't encountered anything like that when I go to the movies. I wonder if they are going to raise their prices also because of that?  Like when you buy tickets for a play?

Must be something new - but I would prefer to choose my own seat based on where others are sitting.  Like Lynn I'm especially sensitive to being behind someone tall!

But, I rarely go to the movies and when I do I go to the a "budget" theatre.  I'm perfectly happy and willing to watch the latest and greatest a few weeks after they play in the regular theaters and pay about 1/4 the price!

The seating thing sounds like a great idea.  It's been years since I've been to the movies.  The last movie I saw in a theater was Beaches in around 1989. 

It's not that I was "assigned" a seat but picked one which is what I do on a plane. I  generally like to sit all the way in the back close to the door in case I need to go to the bathroom in the middle of the movie and I won't be disturbing anyone this way. I generally go to the matinees and to the budget theaters, but I used a movie gift card that my son gave me for Christmas yesterday so I didn't have to be too concerned about price.

I think the new stadium seating plans pretty much take care of the tall person in front of you problem.  The seats are on a pretty steep angle, so you have no trouble seeing over someone in front of you.....unless that someone happens to be Shaquille ONeal!! 

The theater near us has a balcony above where they reserve seating.  I like it because you don't have to worry about getting there early and standing in line if the new release is really popular.  Also, the seats are reclining, and there are a lot of "loveseats" so that , if you're a couple, you can sit in a two-seater.  There are not only cup holders....but small "snach trays" on the armrests.....because there's a bar upstairs and you can bring a slice of pizza and a beer into the theater.  We never do.....but you can if you want to.  It costs a bit more, of course, than sitting downstairs, so I only go up there when my son is paying the bill.  He never sits downstairs anymore.  The lounge upstairs is really nice, too.....big, comfy leather armchairs and sofas, low tables, and an extensive menu.  My son had sushi one night. 

When I go ....either alone or with a friend.....I go in the afternoon....sit downstairs.  It's only $7.50, and there's plenty of seating.  I can't sit up close....it bothers my eyes.....so I'm up in the back.....but there are no bad seats in theaters nowadays. 

Not every movie has the seating pitched steeply and the one I attended didn't so that someone who's taller than me could block my view conceivably. I guess a lot depends on the area...no bars in this theater or love seats either.

Haven't been to the movies for quite a while, I don't think they have it here yet. What I hate is to get there early to pick my seat (I like an aisle seat) then the late comers come and the usher tell everyone to move to the middle.

I too prefer the aisle.  Guess I haven't been to a theatre that was so crowded ushers were needed.  But if that happened to me I'd just stand up, step aside and let everyone in!

Musta been quite a while.  I haven't seen an usher in 20 years!!  :-) 

However, in that theater I mentioned above.....they do have waiters and busboys.

Since I don't go to the movies often I haven't had this happen yet.I really prefer to pick my own seat.Just in case i have a reason to want to change it.I  usually like an aisle seat.

I'm not a big fan of the movie theater anyway but I am pretty sure I would NOT like this. My brain can't wrap itself around a diagram to know precisely where I'd be. I have to SEE the inside of the theater where I choose, usually almost dead center but in an aisle seat.

On the similar note....has anyone seen the theaters with individual lounge chairs with speaker system (surround sound i guess) at each chair and you can order food and drinks from your "recliner"? They had them in Tennessee but no one in Pittsburgh Ive talked to so far ever heard of them. You DO pay extra. My ex boyfriend and I wanted to do that so bad but since they only had two screens for this preferred seating, the movies were limited. In fact, I thought it was ridiculous to ONLY allow people 21 and over into that part of the theater and the movies they were showing were things like, Twilight, Alice in Wonderland, and some "super hero" movie and the same movies for weeks at a time so we never could get a movie we liked.




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