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Is anyone watching Master Chef?  If so what do you think of the dishes they prepare?  What do you think of the abuse they are getting from the judges.  I can't believe how mean they seem this year and I have just about had it.  I am not sure I will continue to watch and I don't remember them being so abusive on this show in years past.  Hell's kitchen yes, but not this one.  And Hell's kitchen is really getting rough too.  Not sure I will be continuing with either. 

I also watch chopped.  Any one else?  

What do you think of these shows?

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we used to watch Hell's Kitchen and Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares, but Mr. Ramsey has gotten a little to big for his britches...   Master Chef? who is in it for the judges?

Gordon Ramsey, Joe Bastianich (son of Lidia), and Graham Elliot.  http://www.fox.com/masterchef/

i know of Ramsey, of course, and Lydia and her son, but not familiar with Elliot...

Did anyone watch the Master Chef Kids?  Wow those were all some talented kids.  It was amazing how they all knew how and what to cook. 




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