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In honor of Mother's Day...let's gather pictures and memories of mommies and their babies.

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Thank you for all of these GORGEOUS photos, Beth!!!!!

I'd love to see the little boy now!!!!


I love this athletic Dutch Warmblood mommy and baby.

Sorry I missed the posting of these lovelies....Mother's Day I was in Japan.  Baby Dutch Warmblood wants to be just like mommy...like all kids!


A "Splashed White" mare and foal.

Pinto Dutch Warmblood Mommy and Baby...

Peek a boo!!!!

Here's Precious and little Latigo, a miniature horse mare and foal from Mulligan Run Farm that I've been watching on "Mare Stare" since the filly was born. She is such a FEISTY little thing--she's only resting now because Mommy is boring her to distraction eating hay. 

Here's a link to the live streaming webcam "Mare Stare."  http://barnmice.com/group/marestareviewers 




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