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In honor of Mother's Day...let's gather pictures and memories of mommies and their babies.

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LOVE this, Marty! The motion. The contrast. The dream-like quality. The heart!
Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, Appies!

OH, HOW INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL!!!! That baby is just jumping for joy!!!  Ears forward. Legs floating. Jumping jumping JUMPING HIGH HIGH HIGH!!!!!  Boy that makes me happy!

Thanks, DD.

Beautiful Trakehner mommy and baby love...

Gypsy Vanner mommy and baby.

Dartmoor mommy and baby. "We beautiful in our own world," quoth DD... :>)


Yes...they are. And smart, and sure footed, and loving, and courageous, with great endurance. DD can arrest to that.

Beautiful picture, too, Marty!

Beth...You need to post a BIG picture of Zenyatta and her foal here!!!!!




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